Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 37

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 37, and Tomoyo is practicing for a big choir competition where she’ll be the key solo.  However, a Clow Card suddenly arrives and steals her voice.  Kero realize that it’s the Voice card, but despite even knowing what card it is, Sakura and Shaoran can’t think of a way to find it in order to seal it.  While visiting Tomoyo, Sakura remarks that this is the second time Tomoyo’s been a victim, which allows Shaoran to realize that they can use Song to trick Voice that Tomoyo got her voice back.  The plan works, allowing Sakura to seal Voice and returning Tomoyo’s voice to her.

Any episode in which we get a song from Tomoyo is a good episode, and I’m sure Voice suffered the wrath of many a viewer for taking Tomoyo’s voice. Luckily, as Tomoyo pointed out at one point in the episode, Shaoran’s relationship with Sakura has moved from being her rival to one of watching over her, so he was happy to help Sakura come up with a solution on how to get Tomoyo’s voice back.

Of course, Tomoyo had it figured out from the Firey episode that Shaoran had something for Sakura, but now it seems like she’s starting to prod him a bit about it, which should be fun in the future.  I especially like how Shaoran got all flushed when Tomoyo wrote down a remark mentioning that he is watching over Sakura now.

As for the card…there are some card that I just don’t get.  The Song card I can understand: you have a card that can sing really well.  That can be nice or come in handy at times.  What what is the point of Voice? I’m sure Clow probably didn’t create it to steal voices.  That’s not what he created the cards for – it was just a mischievous card.  But what can Voice do that Song can’t (other than actually take someone’s voice away from someone rather than merely copy it).

Oh, and if you didn’t notice, I’m experimenting with new review layouts again.  I always think my recap section is too long (and I usually have to cut it down by about half from even the first draft) but I thought I’d at least try to condense it down to a paragraph or so of the most vital events of the episode.  We’ll see how long this format lasts.

Cards Captured: Voice
Card Count: 44