AniBlog Tournament: Days 13 – 16 Voting

Once again, if you see me criticizing something about your blog, it’s nothing personal.  I tend to tear apart people’s websites when I do comparisons such as this, so just keep that in mind.

Aniblog Tournament | HTML Bracket

Round 1, Day 13

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Match 25: ______ism

_____ism has some interesting content, but I’m concerned about the rate of posting – only 4 posts since the start of April.  Also, I know that the design is probably meant to be quirky, but still…  Shit Storm uses a pretty common wordpress theme, so they don’t get any real points on design either, they haven’t posted but 4 times since the start of April, and I’m not sure they have quite as good content.  I think because of all that, I’m going with ______ism.

Match 26: Anime Void

I’m not sure what it is about infrequently posting blogs in this group, but Astrobunny’s blog is yet another which only has 4 posts since the start of April, and what is there seems somewhat minimal, except for maybe the figurine posts, since you’d expect a lot of pictures there anyway.  They do get some points for the design, though.  And we round it up with Anime Void, a blog with only three updates since the start of April.  I don’t like the design as well, but I think they have better content in the posts they do have, so I’m going with Anime Void.

Round 1, Day 14

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Match 27: Memories of Eternity

The string of rarely updating sites continues with Memories of Eternity, as they only have 4 posts since the start of April.  Having said that, what they do have looks quite excellent, so that is definitely a plus.  I also think the blog does quite a good job at a minimalist blog design.  For Oballer, well, I don’t like the design that much, and as a designer, when I see a pixilated banner and a poll that is too wide for the sidebar it’s on, I go crazy (maybe mere mortal visitors don’t care, but it bugs the heck out of me).  Also, they post quite a bit about non-anime subjects.  That hasn’t been much of a problem for most of the blogs up until now, but I think it does cause a problem here considering this is the AniBlog Tournament.  About the only thing I could rate Oballer above MoE on is that they post about anime more often (despite his posts about other stuff as well).  However, I think the other factors weigh to much against it, so I’m going with Memories of Eternity.

Match 28: eye sedso

I think eye sedso automatically wins the entire tournament for having a picture of Chewbacca throwing out the opening pitch of some baseball game, even though it has nothing to do with anime.  But anyway…

eye sedso looks like a combo of some episode blogging and other commentary.  I don’t particularly like the style of episode posts (have I mentioned how I don’t like the alternating image then paragraph of text style?) but some of the stuff he wrote had be giggling pretty good.  Densetsu no Shounen A, well, hasn’t posted anything in 3 weeks, and while I’m not really one to talk about going on a hiatus, I’d probably vote against myself if I was still on one while this tournament was going on.  Having said that, I do like DnSA’s design and the layout of their episode review posts, though I think the blog generally suffers from a lack of variety.  As a result, I’m going with eye sedso on this one.

Round 1, Day 15

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Match 29: Unmei Kaihen

Unmei Kaihen is another hybrid episode blogger/other stuff blog and I liked how the blog did both episodic and non-episodic posts.  Maybe the only thing I have to diss on the site about is the design.  It’s not necessarily all too bad, but it’s still really really..dark. everywhere, and while light gray text on black is still readable, I think it gets a little tiring after a while.  Continuing World also has some pretty good content as well, and while their design is white, there are some issues with it as well (I think I’ve already stated my dislike of tag clouds, especially big ones, and I almost missed the search box, since it’s mostly white on white).  I think in the end, the designs are a wash between the two sites.  Unfortunately (or I guess fortunately, as they’re both good), I think the content is also pretty close as well.  I just think Unmei Kaihen writes a bit more about things that I would enjoy reading, so I’ll go with it.

Match 30: The null set

The null set just came back on hiatus and has since posted 5 posts in a hair over 2 weeks, which I guess isn’t too bad, and their posting before the hiatus seems to be pretty regular, so I don’t think I’ll count it against them.  Null set does win brownie points for pointing me to that website creating all the anime charts (even for past years – I’ve thought about doing a top anime of the past 10 years post, but part of what was holding me back was just not know what all aired in that time.  That might help…and I probably need to watch some of the more well known shows in the meantime. but enough about me).  I liked a lot of the lists and stuff they do, though I think sometimes they try to make up for lack of content in some posts  by throwing in lots of large pictures.  Also…the green background…the green!  They go up against bad luck party and…the yellow background…the yellow!    They seemed to post pretty regularly until they stopped a couple weeks ago.  Also, while some of the posts have some good content, a lot are just a picture and a sentence.  I think overall, on content and design, I’ll go with The Null Set.

Round 1, Day 16

It’s finally here…the last two match ups of the first round, where we’ll finally reduce the field from 96 to 64.  After this, the real fun begins (not that it hasn’t already been fun).

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Match 31: Desu ex Machina

We love maid looks like they took a hiatus in September and came back in April, but they’ve been posting good since then, so again, I won’t really count it against them.  I’m really liking WLM’s design though.  Maybe if they made the nav in the sidebar stand out a big (medium purple on dark purple = kind of hard to read) it would be even better.  I think my main worry about WLM is that it’s posts are all somewhat short.  Desu ex Machina (aside from getting the name of his blog wrong on the bracket) has a pretty good design themselves (except for the tag cloud! ahh! tag clouds!).  I also think that the amount of content they have is a lot better than WLM.  While I really want to vote for WLM for their design, I think I have to go with Desu ex Machina for their content.

Match 32: Chikorita157’s Anime Blog

Chikorita157’s blog is another one of those rare things: a site that blogs about anime music (at least in part), with some other stuff, including episode reviews, thrown in.  I like the content that they have on their post (and I like the fact that they are a fellow blog reviewer during this AniBlog Tournament).  Maybe the only complaint I might have is that the design is a little…blah.  Nothing is particularly bad about it, it’s just nothing really stands out about it.  Anime Princess is one of the first blogs in this tournament which can be included in the “your banner is way too big” category.  [entering blog rant: I realize that people like having artsy stuff and nice pictures on their blog.  But really, it’s a blog. It’s about the content. People don’t want to scroll just to get past your banner. /end rant].  Also, only five posts since the start of April is pushing it for me, especially since Chikorita157 is pretty active.  The blog has an OK amount of content, but I think, overall, I’m going with Chikorita157 on this one.

I’m not 100% sure when second round voting will start, but it was my impression that it will be after the completion of all voting in the first round, meaning that probably when voting ends on the 10th for Day 16 voting, we’ll see the start of Round 2 voting.

Second round voting will begin May 11th, and will be in pairs again, so new polls should open between May 11th and May 26th while actual voting won’t close until June 1st.

Also, I’ll update these numbers (and add more) when we start Round 2 voting, and this is only through the votes ending today (Match 20), and some of these polls looked like they stayed open past the official close time and had some additional votes so I might not be using the super-duper official final results, but…

I’ve gathered some stats on this tournament so far, and after 20 matches, 4,753 total votes have been cast, with blogs winning by an average vote of 144-94 (well, 93.5).  The average margin of victory is 50.7 votes, or 21.8% (60.9% to 39.1%).


4 thoughts on “AniBlog Tournament: Days 13 – 16 Voting

  1. Well of course…. My expertise is mostly on the technical end such as programing that my web design skills aren’t as great compared to well other blogs. Not much of a artistic person as well, but I try hard…

    I’m grad you like it though. :)

  2. You know, I never noticed it but the tag cloud is infact really annoying. When I was designing the blog I had it there just because it wasn’t too big or messy, but now after so many posts those tags really are adding up. I’ll get rid of it now and look for an alternative in the future.

    This is why I love getting my blog looked at ;)

  3. The game in question was a Red Sox game. I remember watching the game actually, and recalling that it was the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in a baseball game that wasn’t related to the actual gameplay (the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a game was a ground ball back to a certain Red Sox closer on October 27th, 2004. I actually cried when I saw that moment).

    I hate writing episodic posts, and decided to stop doing them from now on. This time I’m actually serious though. Probably.

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