My Playing with WordPress 3 beta

The good thing about my job and doing blogging using WordPress is that I can swap what I learn from doing one into the other, since we’re currently looking at using WordPress MU (or creating a “blog network” in WP3) at work.  So I took this opportunity to both research some stuff for work, as well as look at some of the new features and how they might apply to this blog.


This looks like it will be a nice addition to WordPress.  My main nav is currently also a mix of pages and categories – something which I pretty much had to do by ripping out the menu and creating my own using functions.php.  With the new menus functionality, I should be able to build the menu I want right in the WordPress interface.  My only question about it might be…what if I’m building a theme from scratch? Or I have two menus in two different places (above or at the top of my banner, and then below the banner?)  How would that, work exactly?  They at least did to think to make a sidebar plug in to allow you to  add one of the menu’s you made into the sidebar, so that won’t be a problem.  If you want to see a video of how some of the menu stuff works, you can check it out at Woothemes.

Custom Background and Headers

While I think this is something to do with the 2010 theme and isn’t necessarily going to be there for all themes, I think it’s still cool.  If i could find (or make) a theme where I could just plop in a new header in the WordPress interface, that’d be cool. Now they only need an option of having it randomly rotate or something.

Page/Post Types

This wasn’t as thrilling as I thought it was going to be.  It’ll help with organization, but one of the things I was hoping for was that, say, when I do a review, I could kind of break the segments up into blocks, which each had their own field, or something, which were then placed on certain places on the page, instead of having a giant blob in a single edit box.  It looks like that, if that is even possible i the first place, one would have to do it via the custom fields thing that already exists.  It’ll still be nice to, say, have a “Reviews” or “Anime Credits” button that I can just click on to do a post, but I’m not sure exactly what more it adds.  If this had allowed me to do that, I might have waited until WP3 came out to restart doing series reviews, but as it is I might go ahead and start posting them again now.

Other than that, there really isn’t much new to see (well, other than the merger of the core and MU, which doesn’t really apply to this blog).  They haven’t gotten around to updating the admin UI yet, so I can’t really comment on that.  In any case, a little non-anime (though still blog related) post to fill your day with.


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  1. I’m working on the menus in the menu beta & I’ve started documenting some of the things that weren’t obvious at first. I’m still working out exactly how it constucts the ordered lists for your menus but you might find my other hints helpful.

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