Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 36

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 36, and the second season starts with a new school year, and some new suspicions about Sakura’s new homeroom teacher.

For the third time in a row, the episode begins with Sakura’s dream about Tokyo Tower. However, she wakes up from the dream to find that it’s the first day of her 5th grade year. Kero then shows off the cards Sakura caught over break: The Arrow, Bubbles, Wave, Libra, and Through cards.

Meanwhile, Sakura gets to walk to school with Yukito since his bike is busted and Toya has morning duty, where he gives Sakura a gift for her birthday and moving to the 5th grade. Once at school, they find that Ms. Mizuki is their new homeroom teacher. This makes Sakura all dreamy until she remembers her dream again. Sakura notices that it’s starting to snow outside, and Ms. Mizuki remarks that they should have fun outside before it piles up too much.

At home, Sakura opens up her gift from Yukito, which is a watch. Later in the evening, the snow really starts to pile up outside, with Toya remarking that there is already a meter. This makes Sakura wonder if a Clow Card is behind all the snow, so she, Tomoyo, and Kero head out, where they meet Shaoran and Meilin, who says that it’s the doing of the Snow card.

Sakura and Shaoran find it odd that they didn’t sense it until it piled up this much, but Sakura remarks how Ms. Mizuki seemed to know it would pile up. Soon, Snow attacks the group with a blizzard, so Sakura and Shaoran try to get away with Fly. Shaoran tries to use his fire magic, but it does little good, and Snow attacks again, causing Sakura to lose her watch.

This churns up the woman’s wrath within Sakura, and she completely obliterates Snow with Firey, allowing her to easily seal it. Sakura is sad that she lost the watch, and Shaoran offers to help her look for it, but Ms. Mizuki arrives with it instead.

So the start of the second season starts with some cards that we didn’t get to see Sakura capture (boo!), and the rather disruptive Snow card. However, as Sakura noted, it surely seems like Ms. Mizuki knew that the snow was the work of a Clow Card, and one also has to wonder why Sakura and Shaoran couldn’t feel the card’s presence. Could that be Ms. Mizuki’s doing as well? She certainly seems to be around a lot whenever Clow Cards show up, after all.

Otherwise, I have to laugh at Shaoran getting all embarassed about riding with Sakura when she uses Fly now, when he had no problem with it earlier in the series. It seems that he’s becoming more aware that Sakure is, indeed, a girl. Oh, and I also like pissed off Sakura. As Kero said, it’s scary when girls get mad.

The total card haul in this episode, including cards captured over the break is 6, putting the total now at 43.

Cards Captured: Arrow (from the movie), Bubbles, Wave, Libra, Through (otherwise over break), and Snow.
Card Count: 43