Working!! – Episode 04

It’s Working!! episode 4, and in this episode, we get more information about the other cook Hiroomi, as well as get introduced to the new anime phenomenon: the anti-loli.

A drunk woman is found passed out in front of the restaurant, who ends up being Souta’s older sister Kozue. Souta tries to keep anyone from finding out, except Inami accidentally finds out, so he begs her to keep it a secret. Souta realizes that he hasn’t really talked to Hiroomi that much, but Souta soon finds out that Hiroomi appears to know everyone’s dark secrets, and when he tries to talk about them, everyone ends up shutting him up by doing his work for him. These secrets, however, include the fact taht Kizue is Souta’s sister.

Not everything goes Hiroomi’s way, however. At one point he tries to get Yachiyo to “pay more attention” to Jun. However, Yachiyo puts 1 and 1 together to get 5, having realized that Jun appears uncomfortable whenever she talks about Kyouko and concludes that Jun must like Kyouko. Once Jun hears about what Hiroomi does, he takes his frustrations out with a frying pan. Also, Hiroomi can never talk about Inami’s little secrets with her since she punches him before he can say anything. This doesn’t stop Hiroomi from telling Souta her secrets though (such as the fact that she has changed her hairpiece daily after getting complemented by Souta over it). This results in a thorough beating of Hiroomi by Inami.

Meanwhile, Inami’s guy-phobia doesn’t stop there, as she has to study hard with Poplar for her math and classical lit exams since, despite going to an all girls school, the teachers for those classes are male. Also, when Valentine’s Day comes, Poplar suggests that Inami give Souta some chocolate, but she ends up slugging him out of embarrassment.

Finally, we find out a bit about Souta’s home life, where he lives with 4 sisters. His youngest oldest sister is Kazue, who we’ve already seen is pretty much always drunk. His second oldest sister, Izumi, holes herself in her room trying to write romance novels (despite the fact that she can’t use a computer). His older sister, Kazue, is a lawyer who loves throwing law books at Souta’s head. Finally, Souta’s only younger sister, Nazuna, attends elementary school, but is already as tall as he is.

I guess we found out why Souta is a so-called “mini-con”: and that’s because all of his sisters, including his elementary school-aged sister, are all as tall or taller than he is. So I guess the trauma from living around women who are all taller than he is has driven him to like “small and cute things.”

I also had to laugh at how Nazuna is kind of like the anti-loli. She still talked like she was young, but she was by no means short (basically already 5 1/2 feet tall), despite only being in elementary school. Maybe this will be the new trend in anime…instead of high school girls who look like elementary school girls, maybe we’ll have elementary school girls who look like high school girls? Na, I doubt it, but it’s still funny. I wonder what will happen if Poplar and Nazuna meet? Will they cancel each other out in a loli/anti-loli supernova explosion?

Meanwhile, I’m not completely sure whether Hiroomi is intentionally blackmailing people into doing his work, or is saying what he does and is completely oblivious as to why everyone is volunteering to doing his work for him. However, his behavior at the end, to me suggests that it’s intentional and he just plays innocent. It seems like the only people who doesn’t work on are Inami, because she just punches him, and Jun, because he’ll just beat Hiroomi up if he opens his mouth about him.

Finally, I think it’s pretty obvious that Inami definitely has a thing for Souta (if it wasn’t already obvious), though I’m kind of surprised that Poplar appears to be actively trying to promote that relationship. I guess Poplar doesn’t have a thing for Souta herself yet. And speaking of Poplar, while we had some good moments with her, it would be nice to have another episode centered around her…sometime. Hopefully it’s soon since we’re running out of characters to profile.