Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 35

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 35, and Season 1 concludes with a fiery date between Sakura and Yukito at the amusement park.

Sakura has her dream of Tokyo Tower for the second episode in a row, and for the first time, Sakura appears to recognize the long haired woman in the dream as Ms. Mizuki. Meanwhile, it’s approaching Christmas, and Sakura remembers that Yukito’s birthday is on Christmas Day. Sakura is uncertain what to get him, so Tomoyo has the idea to ask Meilin what she would give someone she likes for Christmas. However, Meilin says that as long as it’s something she puts her heart into, it can be anything.

That evening, Sakura nervously calls up Yukito and asks him if he wants to go to the amusement park with her, since Chiharu gave her tickets for it that she won from the quiz tournament. That Sunday, Sakura and Yukito head out to the amusement park, and Tomoyo and Kero trail them to spy on their date. Meanwhile, a nearby wreath catches fire without notice.

While in the park, Sakura spots Meilin and Shaoran there as well, and the four go around the park together. They decide to stop to get a bite to eat, where Toya is there working. In the meantime, both Toya and Tomoyo appear to have picked up on Shaoran’s behavior towards Sakura.

However, suddenly Kero, Shaoran, and Sakura feel a presence of a Clow Card, as various other things in the park start to catch on fire. Sakura and Shaoran run into some bushes where Shaoran uses Time to freeze everyone, allowing Sakura to use Sleep to put them all to sleep. Sakura, rather foolishly, tries to put the fires out with Windy, but it just makes them worse.

Kero then shows up and says that if Windy can’t handle it, this must be the Firey card, which is an offensive card with the same power as Watery, so using Watery alone won’t be enough to capture it either. Sakura has no choice by try to use both Watery and Windy simultaneously to capture Firey, which, to Shaoran’s amazement, she is able to do. This gives Sakura the chance to seal Firey, giving Kero a bit more power, as Firey is under the Sun, which is where Kero draws his power.

Kero decides to use his improved powers to sprinkle some lights over the amusement park as Sakura, Yukito, Shaoran, and Meilin ride the Ferris Wheel, where Sakura gives Yukito his Christmas/Birthday present.

They ended up pulling most of the stops in this episode, once again showing Sakura’s dream, and having her realize that it was Ms. Mizuki in it; piling on the already obvious hints that Shaoran is developing a thing for Sakura; as well as showing how well Sakura and Shaoran can act as a team together when fighting cards.

I also noticed that, despite how she acts sometimes, Meilin has gotten comfortable around Sakura now as well.

With this, Sakura has now captured 3 of the 4 elemental cards, and the first since she captured Watery way back in episode 3. That leaves only the Earth card left for the elemental cards, and I’d think the last elemental card would be a good candidate for the last card Sakura has to capture.

This episode also demonstrated just how much Sakura’s power has grown so far, being able to use both Watery and Windy at the same time, which is, I believe, the first time she’s used two Clow Cards at once, much less two elemental cards at once.

So, let’s recap what we’ve learned after the first season:

Apparently with the release of the Clow Cards, a “catastrophe” will befall the world, though we don’t know when or how or in what form this catastrophe will be, other than it won’t necessarily be something violent or that effects everyone.

Second, Sakura has repeatedly had her dream, which has included, at various times, Kero, Shaoran, and Ms. Mizuki, but always takes place on a full moon at the Tokyo Tower.

We know that Kero gets his power from the Sun, which he reaffirms in this episode, and considering how much Kero keeps connecting the Yue he keeps mentioning with the Moon, it’s probably a safe assumption to believe that Yue will be his Moon-powered counterpart. However, where he is, what shape he is in, and what role he plays is still a mystery.

The cards themselves, on top of being “under” one of the four elemental cards, are also under the Sun and Moon, such as the Firey card which is under the Sun, and Return, which Kero remarked was under the Moon in that episode. Since Kero didn’t seem to get a power boost from either Windy or Watery, it may be safe to assume that they are under the Moon, which would mean that Earthy is under the Sun.

This would probably also be supported by the idea that, if Sakura needs the two elemental cards under the Sun for Kero to return to his true form, and the only elemental she doesn’t have is the Earth card, then that card is probably under the Sun as well.

Which elemental some cards are under is probably pretty easy to guess. Cards like Rain and Freeze seem to pretty easily fall under the Watery card, while cards like Jump and Fly would fall under Windy, Wood would probably fall under Earth, and cards like Shot would probably fall under Firey. However, other cards aren’t so clear. What elemental do cards like Big, Sword, and Song fall under? And do those cards get more powerful after Sakura captures their parent elemental?

Cards Captured: Firey (yes, it’s spelled that way)
Card Count: 37


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