Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 34

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 34, and Tomoeda is holding a quiz tournament, and Sakura gets to enter it with Yukito.

Tomoeda is holding a quiz tournament in town, but people have to enter it in pairs. Tomoyo would rather film Sakura’s exploits, so Sakura ends up entering with Yukito. At the tournament, Chiharu also enters with Yamazaki while Meilin has dragged along Shaoran. Interestingly, while Shaoran gets flustered from looking at Yukito, he gets more flustered after looking at Sakura.

The first question is to take 10 matchsticks that form a star shape, and to make a different star with the same matchsticks. Yukito knows the answer right away, which is to create the Kanji for “star,” which uses 10 strokes. The second stop is at Twin Bells, where the question is how one turns ice into water in an instant. Again, Yukito has the answer, which is to remove a stroke from the Kanji for Ice, which turns it into the Kanji for Water.

Yukito and Sakura fly through the rest of the quiz course until they get to the final stop (behind only Chiharu and Yamazaki), which is manned by Ms. Mizuki. Ms. Mizuki makes Sakura answer this question, however, which is to get a ball out of a bottle without breaking it or turning it over. Sakura finally answers it by filling the bottle with water to get the ball out. As Sakura leaves, Ms. Mizuki tells Sakura to be careful, since it’s a full moon out.

Sakura and Yukito are finally sent to Penguin Park to fetch one of the plaques that they have to find to win. However, while in the woods looking for it, Sakura looks at the moon and falls into her dream again, and falls off a cliff, but Yukito is able to grab her and protect her on the way down. At the bottom, Yukito’s leg is slightly hurt, but he found the plaque.

Back at the finish, people start to get worried since Sakura and Yukito aren’t back yet, but when Toya and Shaoran are about to look for them, Yukito is limping back with Sakura’s help.

Well, this episode was really used to start building things up towards…something. Sakura sees her dream (twice!), Kero is still thinking about the person called Yue, and Ms. Mizuki warns Sakura to be careful since it’s a full moon. The series has really been focusing on full moons a lot recently, with there being a full moon in Sakura’s dream, and there being a full moon out when Kero first mentioned Yue back in the Return episode.

We also get our biggest hint yet that Shaoran might have a thing for Sakura, when we see that, while he still gets flustered by Yukito, he now gets more flustered by Sakura. Interesting…very interesting.

Speaking of Yukito, there is now increasing evidence that something may be up with him. In an earlier episode, Ms. Mizuki was about to tell Sakura something about Yukito, but stopped herself. In this episode, she’s about to ask Yukito himself something, but ends up getting interrupted.

No cards were captured in this episode, so the count stays at 36 cards for now. The next episode is the end of the first season, so we should expect something big.

Cards Captured: none
Card Count: 36