Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 33

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 33, and Sakura’s class goes out to the ice skating rink, but there is more waiting there than hot cocoa and fun.

Sakura’s class goes on a field trip to the ice skating rink, but Sakura is concerned about her ice skating ability since she’s never gone before. However, the night before, Sakura once again has her dream about the Tokyo Tower focusing on the Mizuki-looking person. This time Sakura is able to clearly recite what she saw in her dream to Kero. When Sakura leaves for School, Kero once again thinks about Yue.

Once at the rink, Tomoyo shows off her proficiency at ice skating. However, Sakura falls right away as a beginner, as does Shaoran, and Ms. Mizuki helps out Meilin and Sakura in learning how to skate.

By the time lunch is finished, Sakura has gotten pretty good at skating. However, the temperature in the rink has also started to drop rapidly, and suddenly everyone in the building who doesn’t have magical abilities freezes, leaving only Sakura and Shaoran left…and Ms. Mizuki, who watches from the shadows. Shaoran identifies the card as the Freeze card, as it uses the ice on the rink to attack the pair, but especially Sakura.

Soon, Freeze knocks Sakura out and starts freezing her over. Shaoran is able to shake Sakura awake and says that he’ll try to lure Freeze above the ice. When he finally does, Sakura uses this chance to seal it, and everyone who was frozen returns to normal, as does the temperature in the building. Being the one who lured Freeze out, the card also flies to Shaoran.

And yet another card is captured by Shaoran in this episode. That’s 3 cards in the past 7 episodes (along with Return and Dash). While Sakura certainly seems to be getting more adept at catching cards, the fact that they’re gotten more aggressive towards her seems to have resulted in Sakura needing to rely on Shaoran’s help a little bit more recently.

Also, we have two more pieces of evidence that Ms. Mizuki is someone who will have a final say in things at the end. First, after Sakura describes the dream with the person who looks like Ms. Mizuki in it to Kero, he once again mentioned Yue. Second, she isn’t frozen by Freeze, which clearly indicates that she has some level of magical power (if she hadn’t already demonstrated that when she broke through Maze earlier).

Shaoran also appears to be getting more flustered around Sakura than he was to start. At the end of this episode, as well as a couple times in past episodes, he seems to have gotten somewhat flustered while looking at her. Maybe something is developing there? Ho ho.

Cards Captured: Freeze
Card Count: 36