Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 32

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 32, and Sakura is once again able to catch a Clow card, but Kero and Shaoran end up swapping bodies as a result.

Sakura and Shaoran are chasing a weird looking Clow Card, when Shaoran and Kero grab onto it at the same time, allowing Sakura to seal it. However, in doing so, Kero and Shaoran end up switching bodies. The card Sakura captured was Change card, which switches the bodies of two people who touch the card at the same time. To change back, the pair have to wait until the same time the next day, when the power of the card starts to weaken.

Meanwhile, the pair have to figure out to do until the next day. Shaoran doesn’t want to tell Meilin what happened, so Kero-as-Shaoran has to fake it that night, and doesn’t do that well, cooking really awful soup and still talking in an accent. Shaoran-as-Kero doesn’t have it much better, freaking out about sleeping in Sakura’s room, and thus trying to fly to a tree, but not being able to.

Shaoran decides to go to school the next day with Sakura to keep an eye on Kero. However, once they arrive at class, Kero-as-Shaoran is always attracting attention to himself. During break, Tomoyo arrives, suspecting something as well, and Kero-as-Shaoran hides it so poorly that Tomoyo immediately confirms her suspicions.

Despite his further promise not to stand out, Kero-as-Shaoran still does anything but, doing things like running on all 4s during a soccer match, causing Sakura to pelt him with a dodge ball before anyone sees. Meilin is still suspicious, but Kero is able to head her off by being all serious and romantic with her, but that quickly ends when he starts licking himself.

Meanwhile, Kero is found by a teacher and through a series of circumstances, ends up in a bag being taken home by Mr. Terada. The group find a Kero-looking toy in a blue bag, and Sakura realizes that Mr. Terada had a similar bag that morning, so they find out from Ms. Mizuki where he was going. They eventually catch up to him, and find out that he’s returned Shaoran-as-Kero to the toy store, where he’s now in a crane game machine. After a while, Kero finally gets Shaoran out of the machine, and they head to the park to switch their bodies back.

This was an unusual episode in that, Sakura was able to seal the card at the start of the episode, but the rest of the episode was about the effects of the card. I have to rather agree with Tomoyo that it was rather funny seeing a comedic Shaoran and a serious Kero. Shaoran-as-Kero was probably ultimately happy that Kero has his own bedroom in one of Sakura’s drawers, though.

As Sakura also pointed out at the top, this is yet another one of those seemingly-useless cards created by Clow Reed. Kero chalks it up to Clow just being strange, however. I suppose the card could be useful if you wanted to infiltrate someplace and had captured someone that you could switch bodies with. Or if you and a buddy just wanted to freak everyone out for a day, I guess.

Cards Captured: Change
Card Count: 35


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