Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 30

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 30, and after trying to capture another Clow Card, the card is able to get away and hides out in the house of another student at Sakura’s school.

Sakura, looking like a Twi’lek in Tomoyo’s costume, is out trying to cash the Dash card, and tries to use Windy to bind it, but it’s able to escape and hides in a nearby house. However, the racket caused by Dash escaping makes it impossible for Sakura to get near enough to capture it.

Meanwhile, a girl in the house named Rei finds Dash in it’s animal form and thinks it is a lost and injured animal, and starts to nurse it back to health. Tomoyo and Sakura try to sneak into their yard under the guise of retrieving a lost baseball, but the plan ends up failing. Sakura then runs into the girl at school, and finds that she’s on the track team, and her times are now being helped by Dash.

Sakura and Tomoyo end up running into Rei after school as they are strategizing near her house. Rei invites them in, and tells them that Dash, whom she calls PeeWee, is a good luck charm helping with her running. Kero sees this as an opportunity to seal Dash, but Sakura decides not to, not wanting to make Rei sad. However, Sakura becomes more conflicted, as she wants Rei to do well at an upcoming track meet, but she knows that nothing good comes from her doing it with the help of magic.

Meanwhile, Shaoran starts to feel the presense of Dash and starts to go after it. However, Shaoran’s arrival spooks Dash and it runs away from Rei’s house, but he’s able to corner it using his thunder magic, and Kero finally convinces Sakura to seal it away, and the card flies to Shaoran.

At the track meet, Rei is doing well, but appears depressed about PeeWee disappearing. However, just before the final run, Shaoran calls Dash, who Rei is able to see for a moment. Rei then wins the 100 meter meet. Sakura races after Shaoran, but he assures her that he didn’t use Dash to help Rei win the race.

I guess the main thing with this episode was kind of a moral of the story of “you shouldn’t use magic to cheat” basically, even though Rei wasn’t knowingly using magic. Obviously using magic can be useful, but the episode was trying to point out that there are some situations where one still shouldn’t use it.

We also see a difference between Sakura and Shaoran in this episode, with Sakura not wanting to make Rei sad by capturing Dash, but Shaoran not really caring, though we do see another side of him at the end, when he uses Dash to give Rei inspiration to win the race. In any case, is it me, or has Shaoran started racking up on the cards recently. I think he’s won 2 of the last 3 cards, or at least 2 of the last 4.