AniBlog Tournament: Days 5 – 8 Voting

Once again, if you see me criticizing something about your blog, it’s nothing personal.  I tend to tear apart people’s websites when I do comparisons such as this, so just keep that in mind.

Aniblog Tournament | HTML Bracket

Round 1, Day 5

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Match 9: Just as Planned

Just as planned has a pretty straight forward design.  Easy to get around, even if it’s not anything flashy.  The one thing I didn’t like in that respect is that, while categories are right there, they’re pretty broad, with most posts about Anime merely piled under a category called, well, “Anime.”  The content is kind of in the mid-range of length I guess, but still seems OK.  Moe Check! looks a bit sharper, and has some posts which are more in-depth than most posts on JaP, but most of the posts just seem to be one or two liners commenting on a picture.  Not really much there.  Also, Moe Check! has 7 posts in the month of April.  Just as Planned has 7 posts in the last week.  I think I’ll go with Just as planned on content grounds in this one.

Match 10: JanaiBlog

Rainbowsphere: Very nice design, very good content, but haven’t posted a thing since March 8th (and sparsely updated even before then).  JanaiBlog: Not as good design as RBS, and perhaps not quite as good content level, but still a pretty good level of content.  And they’ve posted recently, so I’ll go with JanaiBlog.

Round 1, Day 6

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Match 11: Colony Drop

This one is a big of a toughie for me.  Canne’s blog is more anime review (with some editorial thrown in) with some pretty good content and a good design. Despite only posting 6 times in the month of April, Canne’s blog still more than it’s competitor: Colony Drop.  However, CD has it’s own interesting design aspects, and I think an overall superior level of content – it’s just that posting is more infrequent.  So it seems like my choice is coming down to this: a little better content vs. getting more content.  I think if Canne had a significantly higher post rate, instead of just 6 posts in the month vs 3, I’d be inclined to take it, but since both are somewhat infrequent posters, I’ll go with the content winner, which is Colony Drop in this case.

Match 12: Beta-Waffle

If the last match was hard, this one is even more so.  How do you compare a predominantly comic blog against an episode blogger (all those who would vote against one or the other merely by what type of blog they are can skip that question).  Beta-Waffle consists of pretty consistently funny (if dubiously drawn) comics posted daily or every other day.  That’s a lot of work to keep it up like that, and Beta-Waffle certainly gets a lot of credit for that.

bananaMuffin, as you might have guessed, is the episode review blog.  bM certainly posts quite a bit, so it can keep up with B-W in that respect.  There is also a decent amount of content on the blog as well.  However, where I think bM stumbles is that it appears that, while postings are somewhat frequent, it’s posting episodes 1 and 2 of series when they’re pretty much airing episode 4.  If fan subs were slow, I could live with it, but I know for at least one of the series that’s not the case because I’m blogging it too.  Now, the caveat to that is it looks like they took a bit of a hiatus at the start of April, and they seemed to be keeping up with series before that.  Perhaps one plus in bM’s favor is that I do think it has the cleaner design.

I think in the end – and this is probably the longest rationale I’ve written so far – Beta-Waffle wins because, not only are they posting frequently, but it’s something that’s hard to keep up.  That combined with the immediate fact that bananaMuffin is behind and I think I’ll go with Beta-Waffle.  However, it would be an even tougher choice if bananaMuffin was keeping up with their series.

Round 1, Day 7

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Match 13: Major Arcana

Black and Blue Socks appears to be pretty much an average, run of the mill episodic blog.  The content is pretty good and they appear to be posting pretty regularly (though they’re a little behind it looked like) and the design was OK.  There isn’t anything obvious I can really criticize them for, but there isn’t anything in particular that stands out about it either.  Major Arcana appears to be a mix of some episodic blogging along with editorial blogging with reviews thrown in.  Again, the content looks pretty good and they post at a pretty good pace.  This is a very difficult pick because these two blogs are very similar in how much they write, the quality of writing, and the rate of posting.  That means this one is probably going down to design and navigability.  I like the originality of Arcana’s blog better, but I think the navigability of BBS is a little better.  However, I think the navigability issues are a little closer than the design, so I think I’ll ultimately, by a sliver, go with Major Arcana.

Match 14: Mecha-Guignol

Daijoubu is another comic blog which posts (more dubiously drawn) comics. Occasionally anyway.  Mecha-Guignol appears to write mostly editorial pieces, which are nicely done, and appear to be pretty regular.  After a long string of some pretty long write-ups, I think this one will be short: quality posts + consistent posting…I think I’m giving this one to Mecha-Guignol.

Round 1, Day 8

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Match 15: Ani-Gamers

Ani-Gamers, despite the blog’s name, appears to mostly do anime series reviews, as well as has an active, semi-regular podcast.  I know that keeping up a regular podcast is difficult – I put out 90 episodes of a podcast myself before finding that I just didn’t have the time for it in comparison to the number of people who were listening to it (which was basically no one).  I’ve had delusions of grandeur about restarting it again at time but…well, I guess I should move on since this isn’t about me.  The series reviews appear to be pretty informative, which is nice too.  The site design is a little unusual at first, but is still manageable.  Anime Full Circle has mainly, well, I guess you could all them editorials.  Kind of random scrawlings might be a better description for the type of posts that are on the blog.  Some of it is useful, but a lot of it is, well…random.  Perhaps it is someone’s cup of tea, but it really isn’t mine, so I’m going with Ani-Gamers.

Match 16: Anime Instrumentality Blog

This match involves something of a rarity: an anime music review blog.  That’s the role that Anime Instrumentality Blog fills.  It includes info like album title, show title, track list, music samples, and of course the review itself.  It’s really quite an interesting site to visit.  And being one that likes anime soundtracks myself, I’m rather sad that I hadn’t really run into this site before.  Maybe the only thing I could diss about the site right now is that the design may not be as clean as it could be, but it’s still not too bad.  Kita ze Inbou does beat up AIB when it comes to design. However, I have two major beefs with it. First, on their blog posts, the intro text on the home page is next to useless.  Second, I’m not much of a fan of taking so much space on headline and featured articles – all of which are, at the moment, at least six days old while the “new” content is buried toward the bottom of the page.  While the design of KzI is very tempting, I think I’ll go with Anime Instrumentality Blog