Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 29

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 29, and it’s time to bake cakes in home ec class, but everyone’s cakes come out really sweet.

Sakura’s class is baking cakes in home ec class at school. Shaoran and Yamazaki decide to bake a custard cake while Rika, Chiharu, and Naoko decide to bake a shortcake. Meanwhile, Sakura and Tomoyo settle on baking a chocolate cake. Sakura experiments baking at home, and it goes pretty well. However, when Meilin experiments at home, she ends up causing a mess and burning the cake.

The cake baking day arrives at school, but for some reason, everyone’s cakes come out extremely sweet. When Sakura is talking with Shaoran about it later, Shaoran remarks that he felt something weird, though apparently Sakura didn’t. Meanwhile, the same sweetness problem is also happening to other classes as well, and Sakura starts wondering if it’s a Clow Card.

Sakura’s class tries again at baking cakes, but this time, Sakura and Shaoran stay behind as the other students go on break. Meanwhile, Kero calls up Sakura and tells her that it’s probably the Sweet card that’s making everyone’s cakes too sweet. Soon enough, the Sweet card shows up and starts turning everything in the kitchen into candy and other various sweet things.

Sakura and Shaoran decide to douse Sweet with salt, and sure enough, that stops it, allowing Sakura to seal the card, which unsweetens an un-candifies everything in the room. After the cakes are done, they all turn out just right this time.

Well, this was another episode that was just kind of rolling along. Again, nothing big happened, other than Sakura capturing another Clow Card, and this one was pretty lame. Clow Reed might have been a genius magician, but some of the cards he came up sure seem lame. I guess if you want something sweet, and don’t have anything sweet in the house, this card could be useful. But other than that, I’m not sure how one would really use Sweet.


2 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 29

  1. I remember questioning this card when I first saw the anime (some others as well). Then I read the manga and discovered it was made up for the TV series. No wonder this is one of my least-favorite episodes and certainly my least-favorite card of the anime.

    • Yeah, well, there were, something like 23 cards in the manga I think? So most of them are made up in the anime (though CLAMP did have a hand in the story for the TV show I think). But yeah, some of the cards they made up were kind of lame. Luckily those typically only showed up for one episode because, well, they’re lame and you can’t use them lol.

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