Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 26

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 26, and Sakura gets a new math teacher, while she and Shaoran run into a rather nasty Clow Card at a nearby shrine.

The new woman from the end of the last episode ends up being Sakura’s new math teacher, but while Sakura seems taken by her, Shaoran isn’t so sure, and warns Sakura that he feels a lot of power from her. He is further alarmed when she is able to approach him without him feeling her presence.

After class, Naoko mentions the charms from Tsukimine shrine as being good at granting wishes, especially for romance, so Sakura and Tomoyo head there after school. However, Sakura has a weird feeling once she enters the shrine, a feeling matched by Shaoran, who is also there being dragged around by Meilin. Suddenly a giant maze appears around them, which Sakura and Shoaran identify as a Clow Card. Further, Shaoran says it’s the Maze card, and you can’t turn it back into a card until you exit the maze.

The group tries various attempts at escaping, including walking with one warm to the wall, and having Sakura try to fly out of the maze as well as using Sword to cut through the walls, but they all fail. Maze, apparently angry at their attempts at cheating, decides to turn itself into a 3-D maze. In the process, they find that Meilin has been moved to another part of the maze, and they go to try to rejoin her. Meanwhile, it’s gotten late and Toya goes out to try to find Sakura.

In the maze, the trio has to go through a tunnel to get to Meilin, so they have her count so they can keep track of where she is. However, suddenly her counting abruptly stops, and when they exit the tunnel, Meilin is gone. The trio suddenly hears the bell that they heard before Maze appeared, and Meilin and Ms. Mizuki show up, carrying a bell. She tells the group that she used it to warn them before Maze showed up, but it was too late. She then uses the bell to break down Maze’s wall.

Once they get out, Shaoran tells Sakura to seal Maze, but she is reluctant to with Ms. Mizuki there, but she ends up not having a choice as Maze is about to form another maze around them. The Card flies to Ms. Mizuki, who then gives it to Sakura. Toya then shows up at the shrine, and recognizes Ms. Mizuki.

Interesting, interesting. This Ms. Mizuki apparently is no stranger to magical phenomenon, as she doesn’t even bat an eye to Maze’s apperance or Sakura sealing the Clow Card. And, as Shaoran suspects, she appears to have fairly powerful powers, as she’s able to break through Maze’s walls easily, despite all of Sakura’s failures to do so.

This episode appears to suggests she’s a good person – she helped them out of the maze, after all. But she did ring her bell just before Maze showed up as well, which brings some doubt on her motives, despite her explanation that she was warning them.

However, on top of this, Ms. Mizuki and Toya clearly know each other from the past, but we don’t really hear how they know each other.