AniBlog Tournament: Days 1 – 4 Voting

This is my first voting digest, where I’ll review how I voted in the first four days of the AniBlog Tournament.  I apologize for any hurt feelings for any opinions I might have for anyone’s blogs.  I can sometimes be overly harsh when I try to evaluate blogs for things like that.  Just a warning.

Round 1, Day 1

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Match 1: Calamitous Intent

Not much to really say here.  I guess neither of these blogs are ones I would personally visit much, just because they aren’t about topics I would be interested in reading about on a daily basis, but just looking at them, it seemed like Calamitous Intent had overall better, well, pretty much everything.  And Loli Salad appears to have an issue with posting regularly, at first look.

Match 2: Sekijitsu

Wow, Sekijitsu is really snazzy looking, though something about it makes it look a bit overwhelming, which is why I had to think about voting for it for a while.  But I think overall better content, even if it’s a bit confusing to get around at first, won me over for this round.  Sekijitsu is the type of site that I’d dream of designing, until you see something like it as a live example and realize that, while looking cool is, well, cool, the people need to find your content too.

Round 1, Day 2

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Match 3: Hanners’ Anime Blog

You know, this match was a difficult one to vote on.  The content of the blogs seemed to be on a somewhat similar level, as far as what and how much they wrote.  Perhaps Hanners’ pulls out ahead slightly in the writing quality category and how their posts are structured (I’m not a huge fan of breaking up posts with images quite as much as wat u say does), while wat u say might beat out Hanners’ in my “five second” test and navigability.  Hanners’ also posts more frequently (partly thinks to blogging more series, which I don’t take into account per se in my voting), having as many posts in about a week that wat u say has in about, oh, 3 weeks or so.  As I said it was close, but I just think Hanners’ had enough to tip the scale towards them.

Match 4: Paper Flower

I’m not sure what much there is to say here.  Despite not being an episodic blog, Paper Flower still had a lot of compelling content (not to bash non-episodic blogs, but I can understand how it can be difficult to keep a constant stream of good content without having it put right in front of you like episodic blogs do).  Maybe the only thing I didn’t like about it is that only 3 posts per page made it seem a little on the sparse side at first blush, but that was hardly enough to keep it from getting my vote this round.

Round 1, Day 3

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Match 5: Hyper Parfait

I’m not sure how much it says when the top post on your blog has “Filler” in the title, but that is the case on Open Your Mind.  Also, the content seems to consist of a picture, and a typically very short smarmy comment on it.  Can be occasionally funny but, really, there isn’t that much there.  Hyper Parfait, meanwhile, is initially hard on the eyes with the “dotty” background and some of the “liney” stuff there, and I’m still somewhat dubious about the content, but it at least has significantly more content than OYM does.  Meanwhile, neither blog appears to have a problem with creating posts, so that’s not an issue.  I just think overall, on the content front, Hyper Parfait just has more there.

Match 6: 2-D Teleidoscope

With only 4 recent posts (having just come back from a lengthy hiatus), it’s somewhat hard to judge Grand Punk Railroad.  However, even before the hiatus, posting on the site was sporadic at best.  I think the content that exists in the posts that are there is good, it’s just that it appears to come quite infrequently.  Meanwhile, 2-D Teleidoscope, while certainly not winning points for design, the content that I read was also pretty good…and they post on a regular basis, so I’m going with 2-D on this one.

Round 1, Day 4

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Match 7: chaostangent

A Product of Wasted Time seemed pretty simply, your standard anime/manga blog.  I don’t really pay attention to manga blogs that much, but it seemed like it had an average design, average quality content, average amount of content, etc.  There isn’t anything particularly good or bad that stands out about it. chaostangent, however, has an interesting design, a little better access to nav items such as categories and archives, a bit more in depth content, and it just seems to overall to be the more interesting blog, so I’ll go with it.

Match 8: 見ないで! ひとり言

This match includes the first blog that I’ve actually read at some depth before…and it’s on my blogroll, and that’s 見ないで! ひとり言.  However, I’ll try not to give anyone I’m used to reading an automatic vote.  So first up is 見ないで! ひとり言.  Perhaps it’s because many of the stuff I read off of there I get to from people linking to it, so it is the better-than-average content, but the standard daily content seems somewhat lacking in some ways.  I also don’t really like the fact that I can’t seem to find a categories list anywhere (though they do have the tag cloud, which I generally despise).  However, the fact that they do sometimes create some high quality posts can’t be discounted too much.  As for Caraniel’s Rambings, he has more stuff written, though I’m not sure he shares more of this thoughts on things than 見ないで! ひとり言 does.  Also, the way that CR breaks up their episode posts with images like they do is kind of irritating.  I think overall, I’m going to go with 見ないで! ひとり言, not because of what I like about it, but more because of what I disliked about CR.

And that wraps up the the first 4 days of competition, at least for me.  Oh yeah, and for those who might be using my HTML bracket, I’m going to be somewhat busy this weekend with family things, so my updating of the bracket may be sparse, though I don’t think any winners will actually be declared until after I get back anyway.


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  1. Haha thanks for the vote. It was great reading your breakdown of each choice you made, hopefully you’ll make more of these as the tourney moves forward.

    I’ve taken your constructive crit as well as others into account and made some changes to the blog layout. Hopefully now it’s more user-friendly and less intimidating for new visitors.

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