Working!! – Episode 03

It’s Working!! episode 3, and the deep, dark secret about why Yachiyo carries around a katana will finally be revealed.

Souta sees how enthusiastic Inami can serve female customers, and rather tactlessly asks her if she’s into girls, but Inami just says she’s bad with guys. Souta then starts torturing Inami with hypotheticals, like if she’ll punch young boys, guys dressed as girls or vice versa. Souta asks about her dad, but Inami just says that he left some time ago. However, Poplar does note that Inami seems to be getting on reasonably well with Souta now.

Souta then switches the topic to Yachiyo, and how it’s odd that she carries a katana around. However, Kyouko doesn’t find it odd (while getting served a parfait by Yachiyo), remarking that people carry weapons around all the time. Finally Jun tells everyone to get to work, and Souta is happy that he has finally found someone normal at the restaurant.

This leads Souta to ask Jun if he can do something about Yachiyo’s katana because she’s scaring off customers, but he says it’s useless, because she’s been carrying it around since she was in elementary school. Of course, she was bullied for it, but Kyouko (at the time a delinquent) “took care” of any bullies. However, the actual reason she carries a sword around is that…her family makes and sells blades.

Soon it’s time for Otoo Hyougo, the general manager, to visit. However, he has his own problem: he spends his spare time traveling the nation looking for his missing wife, and tends to buy things that remind him of her. How she went missing? She got lost while shopping. However, since Kyouko now favors the food Otoo brought back to Yachiyo’s parfaits, Yachiyo attacks him for “taking” Kyouko away from her, but the issue is quickly resolved in Kyouko tires of the souvenir food and goes back to parfaits.

Later, Yachiyo comes down with a fever, and Kyouko ponders a new and horrifying prospect: actually learning how to work at the restaurant. In the end, Kyouko declares that the manager’s job is to not work, since the employees will just complain about her work and have to redo it anyway. When Yachiyo returns, she begs Jun to make something for Kyouko (since she hasn’t been able to eat her parfaits), and Jun finally relents, also unintentionally revealing that he has a thing for Yachiyo.

Meanwhile, Otoo finally meats Inami (whose been told that he’s a woman by Kyouko). Interestingly, Inami is more than happy to hide behind Souta, though she does almost grab and crush Souta to death in the process.

Well, this was the first, what I could call bad episode in this series so far. I like funny, but this episode was a bit over the top for me, overall, especially when it came to Yachiyo going after Otoo because Kyouko suddenly liked his souvenirs over her parfaits, and the fact that he’s scouring the nation for his missing wife after she got lost shopping. I mean, really?

And that was kind of a let down about why Yachiyo carries her sword, isn’t it? I mean, I guess the fact that she only carries it because her family makes blades is supposed to be the humorous “letdown” after expecting some deep reason why she does it, but it just seemed (unhumorously) silly to me. At least we know why Yachiyo dots all over Kyouko now, anyway.

The one part I did kind of find funny was at the end when Inami apparently had no problem hiding behind Souta, until Souta unwisely reminded her that he was a guy. This doesn’t seem like the type of show were some jealous rivalry will form over Souta, but I wonder if we’ll run into a situation later where Poplar and Inami are competing over him at some level.

Meanwhile, we get a hint about Jun, where, despite trying to deny it, it’s pretty obvious he likes Yachiyo. I have a feeling we’ll hear more of that later. Also, Jun just seems too….normal. There has to be something about him that we don’t know about yet.

I just hope this series doesn’t start careening off the tracks into the “stupid humor” ditch.  Maybe for some, over the top humor really gets them, but at least for me, there is funny and then there is just silly and stupid. (a prime example of this is Seto no Hanayome aka My Bride is a Mermaid.  Many people seemed to love it, but personally I’d rather have someone drill through my head.)

And whatever happened to Poplar? She was the star in the first episode, and she’s almost fallen off the face of the earth since then.


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