Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 25

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 25, and Sakura’s reputation starts to get tarnished as another Sakura roams the town doing bad things.

A fake Sakura starts rampaging through town, where Meilin, Naoko, and Chiharu witness her doing bad things. The next day at school, the four confront the real Sakura, who denies having done anything (as she was at home at the time). Chiharu and Naoko brushes it off as it being someone who looks like Sakura, but Meilin doesn’t buy it. Meanwhile, Shaoran merely tells Sakura to be careful.

After school, the fake Sakura is out rampaging again, and the real Sakura, who is eating ice cream with Tomoyo, sees her running by. When Sakura tells Kero about it, she realizes that it might be a Clow Card. Kero then decides to teach Sakura how to do fortune telling with the Clow Cards. The fortune telling say that the Cards are now aware that Sakura is collecting them. It also says that a card similar to Shadow, Watery, and Illusion is going after something related to the Flower card. Sakura realizes this means Toya, as one of the Kanji in his name means “Peach.”

Meanwhile, Toya runs into the fake Sakura, but realizes that something isn’t right. The fake Sakura eventually lures Toya off a cliff in some nearby woods by saying she lost something. Sakura runs after Toya but loses him in the woods, where Shaoran shows up, having felt a Clow Card. Sakura then has Shaoran use his compass to find the card. The fake Sakura rejoins the injured Toya at the bottom of the cliff, apparently expecting him to be mad at Sakura, but Toya reveals that he knew that she wasn’t Sakura all along.

Toya looses consciousness just before Sakura and Shaoran arrives. Sakura tries to capture the card, but can’t using either Watery or Windy. Kero realizes that it’s a special card and Sakura has to guess what it is. However, the card starts to mimmick Sakura’s movements, and that, in combination of the clues that the card was like Illusion, Watery, and Shadow, allows Sakura to guess that the card is Mirror, allowing her to seal it.

After the events, Sakura ponders whether other people around her might get hurt, now that the cards know about her, and Kero tells her it’s a possibility. Sakura then asks what was meant on the Clow Book, that a catastrophe will befall this world. Kero tells her that it’s not like the world going “boom” and it might not be bad for some people. However, Kero thinks to himself that for some, it might be worse than the world blowing up.

Meanwhile, a new woman arrives in town…

I don’t know why, but this is one of my favorite episodes. I guess partly because it’s a turning point in the series: we now have confirmation that the cards are aware of Sakura trying to capture them (also evidenced by the incident with Loop).

It also gives Sakura a potentially handy way to be in two places at once, though unbeknonst to Sakura, it won’t work very well with Toya since he can tell that it’s not the real Sakura.

We have a new character showing up now, the first one since Meilin, who has more or less been comedic relief at this point. We haven’t had any true “villain” show up yet though, other than the cards themselves.


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