Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 24

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 24, and Sakura has a little problem while trying to seal the latest Clow Card that appears.

Tomoyo visits Sakura’s house after school, where Tomoyo wants to get all of Sakura’s measurements for her costumes, since Sakura has been in a growth spurt. Tomoyo also has Sakura try on her most recent costume. However, Sakura and Kero suddenly feel the presence of a Clow Card coming from her father’s room. Sakura enters, but doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary. She then spots a very tiny thing jumping on the bed, and guesses that it’s the Clow Card. However, the Card jumps on Sakura and makes her very, very, small.

Sakura soon gets blown outside, just before Tomoyo and Kero enter the room and find her Key. Meanwhile, now outside and without magic, Sakura has survive several adventures, such as being chased by a cat and being attacked by a praying mantis. Soon Toya and Yukito arrive, and Tomoyo has to cover for Sakura. Next, to hide Kero, she remembers the cake and decides she’s going to go get it, and fakes getting dizzy for a moment to have an excuse to fall to the floor to pick Kero up.

Meanwhile, after wandering around for a while, Sakura finally finds the tiny Clow Card in the bathroom and chases after it, having to swim across the bathtub in the process. Sakura then chases the Card into the kitchen, where she has to avoid Toya walking around. The Card then bounces upstairs, which look like an insurmountable mountain for Sakura until Kero shows up. Kero, on top of helping Sakura get up the stairs, tells Sakura that this is the word of the Little Card, and she has to touch Little again to return to her regular size.

While waiting for Sakura in her room, Tomoyo notices the Clow Card and almost touches it, but is stopped when Sakura shows up riding Kero, and grabs onto Little to get big again. She then gets the Key back from Tomoyo and seals Little.

Nothing much revealed in this episode, but it was still a fun episode, with Sakura having to get around her house while only about an inch tall or so. I particularly liked the part with Toya walking around, and Sakura remarking that he seems like a monster. Also, I guess she now has an idea what a mouse might feel like when being chased by a cat.

I also have to laugh at the start of the episode, when Sakura was watching a show about European castles, with Sakura arguing with Toya about how she can act like a princess while definitively NOT acting like one.

I also give Tomoyo’s hair style an A++ in this episode.


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