My AniBlog Tournament Voting Criteria

I won’t post who I voted for today in the AniBlog tournament, because I’m going to try to do a “digest” post every 4 days or so, encompassing who I vote for in the 8 contests over those 4 days.  Hopefully that will allow for a not-overwhelming number of contests per post while not overwhelming people with a post every day or every other day.  So expect my first “votes” post on Thursday.

Having said that, I wanted to highlight some of the things I was looking for when voting for blogs.  While I’m not doing any sort of formal criteria, the main things I’m looking for generally fall into three categories:

  • Blog Design
  • Type/Frequency of Content
  • Quality of Content

First, I’ll address Blog Design.  I don’t think most of the blogs in the contest will have any problem with this criteria, but I will consider it to an extent.  It probably won’t be the deciding factor until the two blogs are pretty close in the other two factors, though.  Within blog design, I’m looking at 3 factors:

  1. Quality of Design – The best way to describe this is “would I say this is a Good, OK, or Bad looking blog after 5 seconds.”  Again, I doubt most blogs would be put into the “bad” category, but blogs might get bonus cookies if I think they’re in the “good” category
  2. Originality – The purpose with this is mainly to ask: are they using a theme or design that 1000 other people are using? Again, from my first trip around looking at the blogs, I think most of the blogs won’t have a problem here, but there are some pretty prevalent blog designs that I get annoyed at whenever I see them.  Also, again, if you take the time out to design your own blog, or use a pretty unused theme, you might get bonus cookies.
  3. Navigability – Now, granted, blogs aren’t exactly known for necessarily needing a robust navigation, but it’s still nice if I can find your blog’s categories and RSS feeds and other useful information easily if I want to

The next criteria is what I call Type/Frequency of Content.  This has, oddly enough, two different factors:

  1. Type of Content – I don’t mean this as “episode blogging” vs. “editorial blogging.”  I mean this as “how much of your blog is about blogging about anime/manga related things.”  Again, most sites probably won’t have this problem, but I’d be less likely to read a site where anime is mixed in with other content.  After all, if the question is “which blog would you rather read,” I’m probably going to read one which is dedicated to the topic than one where it’s just mixed in with other stuff
  2. Frequency of Content – I know that, having just come off of a long hiatus (and it not being my first hiatus), I’m not exactly one to talk too much about consistently posting content.  However, if I notice that a blog hasn’t posted a while, or only posts very infrequently (say, once a week or less), then I’m not going to look on them as favorably.

The final, and clearly most important, criteria is Quality of Content.  This may be, out of the three, the most subjective of my criteria, but it is, after all, much of what this whole exercise is about. Once again, there will be a few key things that I will look at here:

  1. Relevancy of Content – Sure, you blog about anime, but are a lot of your posts just filler posts just so you can say that you’ve posted, but don’t actually include any useful information?  I’m not talking about editorial posts – those are still generally informative or entertaining.  I’m talking about a short hit-and-run post.  Again, hopefully this won’t be an issue with most blogs, but having content which is actually informative and entertaining is obviously going to win you a lot of cookies.
  2. Informativeness of Content – This is sort of/kind of like relevance, but not really.  What I’m getting at here is this: OK, so you have apparently relevant content, such as episode reviews.  So much information do you actually put in it?  Do you have a couple pictures and a sentence which is like “I really enjoyed this episode! A+” or do you actually summarize and/or discuss what took place in the episode?
  3. Quality of Writing – Again, sometimes I shouldn’t be talking in this regard, but generally, is the person writing the content, well, able to write?  I haven’t run into many blogs where I’m just thinking where the heck the person learned how to write, but having things like, sentences that make sense are important.

I know that no one probably cares about any of this, but I just thought I would go through some of the things that I’ll be looking at when going through and voting.  Like I said, I’m not going to have some checksheet where I checkoff each point for each blog or anything.


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  1. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the structure of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

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