Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 23

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 23, and there is a new rumor going around, that a singing voice inhabits the school’s music room at night.

Sakura is happily chatting with Tomoyo about how Yukito is staying over at her house that night (much to Shaoran’s chagrin) when Naoko tells her and the others that there are stories about a singing ghost hanging out in the music room. This unnerves Sakura while taking music class, but both she and Shaoran feel something strange while there. Neither are sure if it’s a Clow Card, so Shaoran decides to check it out that night.

Kero tries to convince Sakura to go that night too, but she is adamant about not going back to the school at night. However, while Sakura makes some tea for Yukito, the subject of the music room ghost comes up, and Yukito makes a remark that the rumor is that the ghost has a beautiful voice and he’d like to hear it. This convinces Sakura to go to the school so that she can record the ghost’s singing for Yukito.

Sakura joins up with Tomoyo and heads to the school, where they run into Shaoran and Meilin. Soon they can very faintly hear singing coming from somewhere, so they head towards the music room. As they get closer, Sakura and Tomoyo recognizes the song as the one Tomoyo’s been practicing for the competition.

Once they arrived, Meilin recklessly opens the door and whatever was singing escapes to the roof. As they follow it, they can hear that not only is it singing the same song as Tomoyo, but it sounds like Tomoyo too, and Shaoran realizes that it’s the Song card: a card which copies songs that it likes. However, once again Meilin makes a racket and the card disappears.

The group decides that if Tomoyo sings, the card will decide to show itself again, and sure enough, it appears once Tomoyo starts to sing and starts to sing along. Once Song changes into it’s true form, Sakura is able to seal it. Sakura then records a duet with Tomoyo and the card for Yukito.

I never get tired of Sakura being afraid of ghosts or going to the school at night, so this was another great episode. Though at this point, after having a couple of instances where Sakura has mistaken Clow Cards for ghosts, maybe she’ll start to figure out that most “ghosts” she’s going to run into at this point are Clow Cards.

We also get to hear more of Tomoyo’s good singing, which is also always a plus. And I’m sure Sakura likes the fact that Song was a pretty harmless and easy Card to capture as well.