AniBlog Tournament! JAB Seeded 23rd (out of 96)!

Thanks to overall #1 seed SeaSlugs, I saw that someone is running an Aniblog Tournament, taking 96 anime blogs, and seeding them in a tournament, NCAA Style, giving the top 32 blogs (see: the 32 oldest blogs, apparently) byes into the 2nd round.  Yours Truly is seeded 23rd, so I at least get a bye into the second round. Take that! At least I’m guarnateed of not being in the lowest 1/3!

Here is a direct link to the bigass bracket.

As a courtesy to my immediate neighbors in the bracket, I’ll go ahead and link to them, just so you can see who I’m up against, especially since one of the purposes of this tournament is to get people to visit blogs they might not normally visit.

I’ll be competing in the 2nd round against the winner of this matchup:

#42 Metanorn vs. #87 Oishii Anime

If I happen to get past the 2nd round (and remember, seeding isn’t really a true measure of popularity, just a measure of how much of your life you have wasted blogging anime), then I’d face one of these three blogs in the 3rd round:

#10 Omonomono / #55 Blue Blue Wave / #74 Fuzakenna

I’ll worry about the 4th round if I even make it to the 3rd round, haha.

Voting starts tomorrow, with two new matchups posted per day, but with each matchup staying open for a week.  That means, with 32 first round games, new first round voting should last from April 19th through May 26th.  I’m not sure who votes when (there have been a couple people asking for a schedule), but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

With that voting schedule, my blog probably won’t come up for a vote until probably sometime in June (if I’m indeed correctly interpreting the schedule), which will give me time to perfect my new design (which I was already planning on launching) and launch it, hopefully soon after WordPress 3 is released, assuming it isn’t delayed too much.

Perhaps I’ll do a weekly digest, or post a couple of times a week, to say how I voted and to particularly highlight blogs I find to be pretty good, especially in the first round.  And I hope people will have fun, though I see some are already planning for mud slinging. :D


3 thoughts on “AniBlog Tournament! JAB Seeded 23rd (out of 96)!

  1. I was editing my remarks and got whacked. Oh well.

    Anyway, I figured things out. The way the chart looked, I thought I’d already lost round 1 when in fact people with the BYE get an automatic pass to the next round and I have to duke it out. ^_^;

    • Haha yeah. I think they seeded people based on the age of the blog (first blog post they could find), though, the 24th seeded person started their blog (apparently) in November 2007, and the 22nd seeded person started theirs July 2007, and I started mine effectively in March 2006, so I’m not sure how that worked (unless they only counted back to when I started episode blogging, but that was still April 2007) so the “start date” seeding was somewhat imperfect, not that I’m complaining too much.

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