Cardcaptor Sakura – Episode 21

It’s Cardcaptor Sakura episode 21, and it’s time for the marathon race at school, where Meilin thinks that she and Shaoran are a shoe-in for a 1-2 finish.

It’s time for the marathon race at Sakura’s school. Unfortunately, Tomoyo has a bum ankle, so she can’t run in the race, but that also gives her a chance to video tape Sakura. While Sakura and Shaoran are favorites to win, Meilin thinks she has a chance too, but she ends up trying to run the practice race like a sprint race, causing her to wipe out at the end.

After dinner that night, Meilin decides she’s going to train, but Shaoran tries to tell her she shouldn’t right after eating. Meilin just gets angry, however, and runs off and, naturally, gets a stomach ache. Wei finds Meilin in Penguin Park and tells her the key to running long distance is breathing and pacing oneself. When she thanks Wei, Wei just says that it was Shaoran that wanted him to tell her that.

Finally, it’s time for the race, Tomoya and Kero watch the race as Sakura, Shaoran, and Meilin easily pulling away from the rest of the students. The trio soon reach a row of cherry trees that act as the turnaround point, where Tomoyo is waiting to video tape them. However, after going around the turn around point, the trio pass Tomoyo again, but going in the same direction before. Meanwhile, Kero sees that the rest of the class has passed his position, but not the trio.

Soon, Meilin, who is struggling to keep up, trips and sprains her ankle. Tomoyo then catches up and tells them about how things are weird. Sakura and Shaoran then feel a Clow Card near. Sakura calls up Kero, who tells her that it’s probably the Loop card. He tells her that she has to find where the scenery looks unnatural, and to cut Loop.

Soon, Sakura and Tomoyo find a place where clearly loop is matching together two different places. Sakura then uses Sword to cut Loop just before Shaoran does, earning her the card. The trio then finish the race with Shaoran carrying Meilin.

This was kind of a fun episode, but I’m not sure exactly what was established from it. I guess it did reaffirm that, despite his apparent annoyance over Meilin, Shaoran still does care about her. It also reaffirmed Meilin’s athletic ability, though she never really had a chance against Sakura and Shaoran being that she was a short distance runner.

You’d thought that the trio would have caught on to something being weird sooner, but I guess one might not really be thinking about it in the middle of a long race. In any case, Sakura got herself the Loop card this time, which I suppose could come in useful at some point, since it can connect two different points together to form a circle.

And yes, I’m going to marathon post (one a day) this series until it catches up to where it’s aired (38 episodes as of now, and probably closer to 41 once I’ve caught up).  Have fun!