Angel Beats – Episode 03

It’s Angel Beats episode 3, and the Battlefront tries to infiltrate Angel’s evil lair while Iwasawa and her band act as a diversion.

Iwasawa from the band GirlDeMo practices her new song in front of Yuri, but Yuri’s not happy since it’s a ballad and would be bad for a diversion. Meanwhile, Yuri briefs the group on their next mission: The Angel Area Invasion Plan, to take revenge on Angel attacking Guild. The members ask how she’s going to pull it off, so she introduces a new member from behind her chair, who wants to be referred to as “Christ” and knocks out Noda by reciting pi down to hundreds of digits, as the key to the operation.

While Otonashi is out doing things, he stumbles upon GirlDeMo practicing in a classroom. During a break, Iwasawa tells him her memories of living in a house where her parents always fought. She finally found an escape in music, but soon was diagnosed with a cerebral contusion and aphasia due to being hit in the head during one of the fights at home, and became unable to speak. She then enigmatically tells him that, like that, with no where to go, “her life ended.” Meanwhile, Angel takes down a couple of posters advertising GirlDeMo’s next concert, and sadly remarks that it’s almost like she’s the bad guy.

GirlDeMo then starts their concert, beginning the operation. This draws out Angel, allowing a small group to infiltrate her lair, which is simply a regular girls room in a nearby dorm. Christ is eventually able to crack her computer, but the group soon gets word that the teachers have shut down the concert, and Angel is returning.

Back at the concert, Iwasawa is able to escape one of the teachers and grabs her old favorite guitar and starts singing her ballad. This draws Angel back, allowing Christ enough time to access data about Angel’s defensive systems. As Iwasawa finishes her song, she thinks to herself that to sing like this has always been her dream, and she finally reached it. Iwasawa then faints and then…vanishes.

Back at HQ, Yuri tells the group that Angel appears to be making her own weapons and defenses, and is doing it in the same way the Battlefront makes their weapons, which confuses Yuri, wondering why Angel isn’t getting her power from God, and instead having to develop them herself.

Interesting, interesting. We got several very interesting nuggets of information in this episode. We hear about Iwasawa’s past, but once again we don’t hear about how she died exactly, but it is another situation, like Yuri’s, where suicide is a distinct possibility, despite what Yuri said in the last episode, and I’m not willing to rule out the possibility that suicide is how most, if not all, of the humans got to this place.

Then, we had the scene where Iwasawa seemed to finally live her dream as she imagined it, and disappeared, meaning that, considering that most of the people there seem to have troubled pasts, finally realizing their life’s dream is one way to go…wherever they go when they disappear. This would seem to suggest that whoever runs the place doesn’t have as nefarious a motive as Yuri suggests. This is further backed up by Angel seemingly being sad over the fact that she’s being made out as the enemy.

Then we have the issue that Angel’s power is apparently being made by Angel herself, and not being given to her by some higher power. This concerns Yuri greatly because, if she’s not getting her power from some higher power, perhaps that higher power doesn’t exist to begin with. Though the problem with that thinking is that someone has to have created the place they’re in…unless Angel herself is in fact God.

This was a pretty interesting episode, and I think gave me a bit more optimism about this series after last week’s lackluster episode. I’m a bit interested in how this plays out.


3 thoughts on “Angel Beats – Episode 03

  1. My own review will go up in a couple of days, but I will say that this was the best of the three episodes, only because Tenshi starts to be shown as something other than the villain and Yuri’s world view is beginning to be shaken. Tenshi’s actions have always been 100% reactive, which is not the mark of some super-villain or even an angel, which I don’t believe she is.

  2. In my opinion, the people in this afterlife are not really dead; they’re just in a deep spiritual coma and somehow linked together. It’s only after they realize their purpose in life, a reason to live, that they will go back to the normal world. That’s why Yuri and Iwasawa <3 never explained how they died.

    Iwasawa was my favorite from the moment she spoke, the series ended after ep3.

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