Working!! – Episode 02

It’s Working!! episode 2, and Inami and Souta try their best to get along together, but no matter how they try, Inami still hates men and Souta…still hates things that aren’t small.

Kyouko tells Inami that she should try to get over her “man-hate” thing with Souta, but Inami doesn’t think it’s possible because men are too “rough” (despite the fact that she’s the one going around punching people). Souta then asks the obvious question: how is Inami able to work in a restaurant with such a reaction to men? The answer is that Inami ends up trying to pretend that the male cooks are female, and typically runs away from the male customers after about 5 seconds.

Meanwhile, Souta isn’t helping very much in getting Inami to treat him better, once again noting that he doesn’t like anyone older than 12 (except for Poplar because she’s small) and telling Inami that she’s scarier than any of the guys she’d meet. All this makes Inami conclude that it’s OK to work with Souta because he pisses her off anyway.

Through the day, Souta ends up being on the receiving end of a barrage of Inami punches whenever they cross paths. Inami further gets mad when Souta scolds her for messing up his name, when he appears just fine with Poplar does it. Frustrated that she’s not getting along with Souta, Inami ponders whether she needs to be a “baby-faced midget grade-schooler like Poplar.”

While Souta keeps trying to deal with Inami’s violence, and teasing Poplar for her smallness, he becomes increasingly concerned with Kyouko’s lack of, well, doing anything really, since she passes off most of her work onto Yachiyo, who happily does whatever asked, including making desserts for Kyouko. Of course, Souta overlooks the fact that he himself keeps freaking everyone else out with his “minicon” obsession.

Meanwhile, Inami is still having problems serving male customers, so she comes up with a solution: just as she’s about to lose control near a male customer…she’ll hit Souta instead. However, Souta is obviously not very keen on this plan. Poplar suggests that Souta try complementing Inami once in a while, but Souta can’t bring himself to do it effectively because she’s not “small.” However, Inami seems happy, even at Souta’s imperfect attempt to complement her.

I’m not sure when I last saw a comedy series like this where the main protagonist’s quirks might be the most disturbing one out of all the characters. Usually the protagonist is relatively normal, but is surrounded by people with weird personality traits, but in this case, pretty much everyone has one.

The most “normal” people, at least so far, seem to be Jun and Hiroomi, though somehow I have a feeling that we’ll find out more about them later. Yachiyo also seems at least relatively normal, except for the fact that she wears her sword around.

And speaking of Yachiyo, I wonder what the story is behind her willingness to do pretty much anything for Kyouko. It doesn’t seem to me like a “crush” like thing, but I’m not sure what it is quite yet either.

In any case, I’m getting a lot of vibes from this show that are similar to Azumanga Diaoh. Of course, the settings are different, but the pacing (they’re both 4-komas, after all), and the animation style just both seem similar.

I was kind of sad, though, that Poplar didn’t seem to have much of a role in this episode other than (repeatedly) being the butt of several “small” jokes. I’d like it if her character was used a little more effectively.

Finally, as Poplar noted, Inami’s reaction to Souta is almost like she likes him, and Poplar asks Inami as much at one point, but Inami just says it’s because she hates him. But I’m not so sure about that.

And, um…what type of Cream Soda is green?


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  1. I’m getting a lot of vibes from this show that are similar to Azumanga Diaoh.

    Except Azumanga was actually, you know, funny.

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