Angel Beats – Episode 02

It’s Angel Beats episode 2, and the Battlefront needs to resupply, but Angel gets in their way.

The Battlefront is almost out of gunpowder, and they need more guns for all their new recruits, so they decide to visit a place underground called Guild, where other members of the Battlefront are making weapons. However, they soon find out that, despite Yuri’s instructions, the traps set up by Guild haven’t been deactivated. Yuri speculates that Guild reset the traps because Angel showed up, and decides that they’ll go after her, despite the traps.

However, one by one, members of the Battlefront are taken down by their own ruthless traps, until only Yuri and Otonashi are left. Yuri starts getting frustrated by the fact that her entire group has been wiped out, saying that she’s a poor leader. Otonashi asks why she was picked as the leader, and she tells him that she was the first to rebel.

Yuri tells Otonashi that she kept her memories. She remembers that she came from a well off family and was the oldest of four siblings. Then one day robbers came, and demanded that Yuri give them valuables of the house or else they’d start killing her siblings. Unfortunately, Yuri didn’t know where any valuables were, and the robbers killed her three siblings one by one until the cops finally arrived. Otonashi asks Yuri how she died, but she won’t tell him, except to say that she didn’t commit suicide, and that no one in their world has committed suicide.

Finally, the pair arrive in a large underground cavern, which is where Guild is located. However, Angel is close, so Yuri decides to abandon the place, and the leader of Guild, Chaa decides to relocate to Old Guild, which was abandoned a while ago and blow up the current Guild. Meanwhile, Yuri and Otonashi leave to head off Angel. After one shot, Angel puts up her distortion field, so Yuri tries to fight hand-to-hand. However, Angel nearly beats her until Otonashi knocks Angel out of the way. This buys them enough time to blow up guild and relocate.

As part of all this, we also learn how they are able to make weapons: apparently as long as you remember what something looks like and how it works, you can make anything, even out of plain dirt.

Well, this was a somewhat underwhelming episode, that decided to go in more for the humor than the action. One downside is that, we didn’t really see how all the people died (except a couple, sort of), so we didn’t even get everything we could have. Also, after the first couple of times, the people getting killed off started to get kind of old, and I think even the writers realized this as each “kill off” seemed to pass progressively more swiftly.

I guess this episode was useful for a few things: finding out where they get their weapons, finding out why Yuri wants to fight against God, the and the piece of information that supposedly no one is there because they committed suicide.

However, I’m wondering…is it possible that she’s only saying that because Otonashi doesn’t remember anything? Is it possible that this place is essentially purgatory and everyone is there because they committed suicide. Just wondering. Or maybe Yuri was just being honest and realized what Otonashi was thinking. I guess we’ll find out eventually.

But I do find it rather odd that everyone in this world appears to have arrived there being roughly the same age. Is it that you show up as a high schooler, despite what age you die? I haven’t seen any evidence of that? And if that’s not the case, then why are all of them high school aged? Or does God just ship people off to different afterlife places depending on when and how they died?

On a side note, apparently both shows I’m blogging have obsessions with water fleas for some reason.


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