Kobato – Episode 24 [END]

It’s, Kobato episode 24, the final episode, and Fujimoto now has to live in a world without Kobato. Or does he?

After Kobato disappears, Ushagi erases Kobato from the world, including from everyone’s memories and even from pictures. However, Even after a couple months have passed, Fujimoto keeps having a nagging feeling that something isn’t right, and has flashbacks to memories where children are playing with someone who isn’t there.

Back in his apartment, Fujimoto organizes his closet when he finds a candy on one of his jackets. The candy then causes him to completely remember Kobato. Fujimoto grabs a picture which clearly seems to show someone missing and shows it to Sayaka amd various other people, but they don’t know what he’s talking about.

He then suddenly remembers about Kohaku, and she does remember Kobato. Fujimoto asks Kohaku what Kobato meant when she said she’s going to the place she should be at. Kohaku then tells him: A long time ago, there was an incident that involved the human world, and Kobato was killed. Her wish was to return back to that time.

Kohaku further explains that she and Shuichiro have had several sad partings, but every time that he is reborn, their hearts call to each other and they eventually find each other again, and this is because they share the same soul.

Several more years pass, and Fujimoto is now working at a law firm, and he is assigned a case to clear up an inheritance issue with someone’s will, but they need to asses the true boundaries of the person’s property first. Fujimoto arrives, and finds a piano and starts playing on it. When he’s done, he hears a girl singing the same song outside. When the girl arrives it’s…the reborn Kobato. After Fujimoto finishes his work, he gives the candy to Kobato, and it returns all of the memories from the Kobato Fujimoto knew to the new reborn Kobato, and Ushagi returns the memories of Kobato to everyone else.

Whaaaaaa! Gotta love endings that have you reaching for the tissues.

So Kobato left behind her own candy (either incidentally or perhaps by design by Ushagi as a way to “make things OK” without breaking the contract). I have to admit, this series ended a lot differently than I was expecting, but it was still a great ending.

So we find out where Kobato wanted to go – back into the past where she apparently lived with the prior carnation of Fujimoto (thus, her memories of a Fujimoto-like person) and why she was so drawn to him in the first place.

We never do really find out precisely what the ‘incident’ was that caused all this. From what I recall, Ioryogi, Genko, etc. from the Spirit World attacked the Heavenly World to get…something. The resulting battle somehow affected the Human World, killing Kobato, leaving her in some sort of state of limbo. To make up for this, Ioryogi took it upon himself to help Kobato return, but she had to fulfill her contract with God, which is, of course, what much of the series was about.

Having fulfilled this contract with Fujimoto’s candy (and the fact that the two are soul-mates may be why his was so powerful) sent her back, where that Kobato of course lived and died, and as born again as the new Kobato.

We also got to see a glimpse of everyone else too. Ioryogi apparently figured out what was going on (or knew all along) and found the reborn Kobato and watched her from the shadows. Meanwhile, Sayaka reopened the nursery once again.

In any case, I thought this was a very nice ending to a pretty good series.

3 thoughts on “Kobato – Episode 24 [END]

  1. Yeah, I had several theories on how Kobato would end after watching ep23. And as I was watching 24, I got pretty worried that CLAMP would decide to be evil and not give a proper happy ending (i.e. they would only meet in the next incarnation or Kobato would not remember anything), so I was extremely pleased at how it actually ended :D

    Although, I was kinda hoping Ioryogi would reveal himself after Kobato regained her memories. I’m going to hunt for the manga next, still curious about why Ioryogi assaulted Heaven in the first place and maybe its explained in the manga lol

    • Lol, well I haven’t read the manga, but from what I’ve seed, I don’t think they’ve gotten that far in the manga either lol.

  2. Well, in the most recent chapter of the manga. They reveal the reason why Ioryogi started the war in heaven. The manga may have slow publication, but I guarantee it is better than the anime. Ioryogi and his friends backstories are more developed (well so far they seem to be) and the whole nursery thing hasn’t been solved yet.

    And Fujimoto’s actually nicer in the manga than he is in the anime. Sure, he can still be a little jerky, but it’s pretty obvious that he cares and worries about Kobato. I like that.

    If you have time, you should try out the manga if you haven’t already. It’s on mangafox.com, if you want to read it online.

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