Kobato – Episode 23

It’s Kobato episode 23, and the time for Kobato to collect candies has finally run out. However, Kobato now has a different wish.

Kobato wakes up Fujimoto early in the morning, asking if she can help him out that day (and apparently this has now been occurring for a while). While they’re talking, Chihiro shows up and tells Kobato to keep helping Fujimoto out or else he’d overwork himself. Kobato decides to drag Fujimoto around for a walk, saying that she wants him to enjoy himself. All of this agitates Fujimoto, because he’s annoyed by being followed around, and Ioryogi because Kobato isn’t filling her jar.

Finally, Fujimoto just tells her to leave him alone, since he can’t calm down whenever she’s around, and walks off. Soon he finds that he’s walked to where the nursery was, but Kobato catches back up to him. Fujimoto asks her why she keeps concerning herself with him, and so Kobato tells him it’s because he’s an important person to her. When the pair arrive back at the apartment, Ushagi sends Kobato a flower signaling that she has one day left, and Kobato tells Fujimoto that she won’t be able to see him tomorrow. The next day, Kobato moves out of Chihiro’s apartment.

When Fujimoto finally returns, Chihiro tells him that Kobato has moved out, which alarms him, and he runs out to chase after her. Meanwhile, Kobato is waiting in the playground where she arrived, where Ushagi comes for them. Ushagi is about to take Kobato away, but he has to hide himself because Fujimoto has arrived to demand from Kobato what she’s doing. Kobato can’t really explain why she’s going away so finally….Ioryogi speaks up.

He tells Fujimoto (who is obviously alarmed at seeing a stuffed animal speak) that Kobato has to leave because of her contract. Ioryogi tells Kobato to take off her hat, so Kobato does, revealing a ghostly crown above her head. Ioryogi explains that Kobato is dead, and her soul doesn’t belong to any world. However, she made a contract with someone in heaven (presumably God) that gave her a chance to relive her life. However, Kobato decided to spend her time with Fujimoto instead, and thus broke her contract.

At that point, Ushagi arrives and puts up a barrier around Kobato to prepare to take her away, and Kobato tells Fujimoto that she loves him. Then, something activates within Fujimoto, and he unwittingly breaks Ushagi’s barrier. That something turns into a candy that enters Kobato’s jar, but is powerful enough to fill the jar and complete her contract.

However, now there is a new problem: the contract calls for Kobato to be taken to “the place she wants to go” as specified in her contract, not stay on earth. Kobato disappears, leaving Ioryogi and Fujimoto.

Wow…just wow. I’m not sure what to make of Fujimoto breaking Ushagi’s barrier. I don’t know if it was the fact that his candy was so powerful that it filled her bottle (and why was it so powerful?) or if he has some sort of power that he doesn’t know about (there has been some suggestion that he knew Kobato in the past too).

Also, I guess this explains why Kobato is always wearing a hat.  I didn’t even really notice until a few episodes ago when Ioryogi warned Kobato when her hat was about to fly off.

So we have one more episode to go. Kobato is gone to…wherever. Ioryogi is still left behind, as far as I can tell, so I guess we may get to hear more from him, explaining to Fujimoto, what exactly is going on. And, of course, we have to see if Fujimoto and Kobato can be reunited at the end.