Shakugan no Shana S – Episode 2

It’s Shakugan no Shana S episode 2, and Shana has been sneaking around and hiding something from Wilhelmina, so Wilhelmina enlists Yuji to try to find out what Shana is up to.

Shana returns home from running some errands, and Wilhelmina notes that she’s been coming back later than usual for a while, but Shana and Alastor brush her off. Wilhelmina, still concerned about what Shana is up to visits Chigusa for advice. Chigusa says she doesn’t think Shana would hide something just to keep from getting in trouble, and suggests trying to get information from someone who can “question her more easily.”

Wilhelmina decides to enlist Yuji to try to find out what Shana is up to, though he says there is evidence that Shana is hiding something from him too. However, when Yuji tries to follow her, he notices that she’s squashing her presence. So Yuji goes to Margery. However, when they arrive, Satou tells him that Margery is passed out drunk and is unavailable except during an emergency. Yuji tells Wilhelmina that this is evidence that perhaps Margery is in on whatever Shana is doing.

Yuji then decides to use Friagne’s map to find Shana, but she’s no where to be found on it, which Wilhelmina notes is not unexpected since she’s squashing her presence. Yuji then suggests that Wilhelmina display whatever unrestricted method Shana is using to hide her presence, but when Wilhelmina does this, the maps shows multiple scattered unrestricted methods, confirming that Margery is putting up a screen to hide Shana from such a search.

Yuji tries approaching Shana at school the next day, but Yoshida and Ogata block his attempts. After they leave, Yuji wonders if Shana is planning to throw a surprise party for Wilhelmina, but wonders why they didn’t keep him in the loop if that’s the case. Yuji and Wilhelmina decide to follow Shana to the store, and then decide to follow her visually from above on the way home, but are intercepted by Margery.

Meanwhile, Shana and the girls gather at Wilhelmina’s place so they can prepare for a surprise party. However, they got the wrong type of flower, so they call up Margery to ask her to stall Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina, meanwhile, returns to the map, where Tanaka is currently stationed, and Yuji realizes the reason why he wasn’t kept in the loop: so that he would work with Wilhelmina, allowing them to track her movements. Yuji demands to know what is going on, so Tanaka decides to try to stall them by telling a long, drawn out dramatic story until Wilhelmina expectantly asks what the point of it is. Finally, Tanaka tells them to go home and they’ll find the answer.

When they arrive, they’re ready for the surprise party for Wilhelmina. Once everyone leaves, leaving Wilhelmina and Shana alone, Wilhelmina asks why they had her and Yuji work on this together, and Alastor and Shana responds by saying that they thought it would be good to build a certain level of trust between the two of them for possible upcoming situations. Shana then asks what day this is for Wilhelmina, and she says that it’s the day that Shana arrived at Tendo-kyu.

I pretty much suspected the “throwing a surprise party” thing from the very start in this episode, and I don’t think there was any real attempt to hide it either. I think one of the things that might have thrown people off – and which threw me off for a while – is that I thought Yuji was in on it, especially when he appeared to be relieved that Shana wasn’t showing up in the map. I thought he had blown his cover, but then later it became clear that he, in fact, was not involved.

It also didn’t dawn to me at first, but I think I pretty soon figured out that “the important day” Wilhelmina was for when Shana arrived to Tendo-kyu, especially after Wilhelmina referenced it during the episode.

This episode was also somewhat important for another reason: it established a bit of trust between Yuji and Wilhelmina so that they didn’t have to spend an episode in the upcoming new TV series to do the same thing. However, other than that, this episode was pretty much just for fun, and like the first episode, it was still pretty entertaining.