Kobato – Episode 22

It’s Kobato episode 22, and it’s finally time for the nursery to be torn down. However, Kobato is now facing two dire problems: Fujimoto, and filling her bottle.

This episode begins Kobato dreaming of someone who looks like Fujimoto playing the piano for her younger self. When Kobato wakes up, Ioryogi asks if she was having a really good dream, since Kobato had a huge smaile on her face. Kobato says yes, but then can’t remember what her dream was about.

Kobato helps Sayaka clean out the nursery, but Fujimoto gets in a bad mood about it closing again, and refuses to return, and instead just works at his other jobs. However, Kobato urges him to come back one more time, and he finally relents. Back at her apartment, Kobato remains all depressed, and Ioryogi asks if it’s about Fujimoto. Kobato asks what he’s talking about, and Ioryogi just responds by asking if she’s unaware of her own feelings.

It’s finally the day that the nursery is being torn down, and Ioryogi decides that he’s going to go out for the day, and Kobato goes to watch them tear down the nursery. Ioryogi goes to Genko’s place and proposes capturing someone called Ushagi and using her as leverage against “him,” but Genko and the others are against the idea. We then see a memory of when Ioryogi first met Kobato. Kobato appeared to be floating in some empty world when Ioryogi appeared before her, but that’s the end of the memory we see.

Back at the nursery, Sayaka asks Kobato to be “Fujimoto’s strength.” Sayaka thinks that the nursery was holding Fujimoto down, making him feel like he had to constantly struggle and overachieve. Meanwhile, Fujimoto has been kind of out of it since the close of the nursery and almost walks ot into traffic, and then gets into an accident on his bike while working. On Kobato’s way back home, Chiho and Chise find her and tell her about the accident, so Kobato goes to the hospital, but Fujimoto is mad that she found out about his injury, and he tells her that if she tries to cheer him up out of pity, to stop because it’s annoying.

This crushes Kobato, but soon Rabbit visits her and gives her a purple flower. Ioryogi then arrives and tells her that the flower means that she has until the next full moon to finishing filling her bottle, or her time is up. Ioryogi then asks Rabbit (who is the Ushagi referenced before) if there is a way to extend the deadline, but Rabbit says there isn’t a way. Back at Genko’s place, they remark that at least Ioryogi feels a sense of responsibility since what he did in the past cause something to happen to Kobato.

Well, Fujimoto is still in a bad mood about the nursery closing (and to my surprise, they did go ahead and demolish it, so so-long to the idea of ultimately saving it), and he ends up taking it out on Kobato by telling her that her trying to cheer him up is annoying, because he thinks she is pitying him.

Meanwhile, Kobato has other problems as she only has one lunar month left to fill her bottle up, and again, and now that the nursery is gone, I’m not sure how she’s going to do it. I presume healing Fujimoto is going to be a big part of that, but surely she can’t fill her entire bottle just by healing him. At least with the nursery, you had the possibility of, if she saved it, getting candies from Sayaka, Fujimoto, and all the children, and perhaps even some of the children’s parents. It would have been like hitting the candy jackpot. I suppose there is still a door for that happening still, but the path to that possibility seems far less clear now.

There are only 2 more episodes left, so things are going to have to come to a head pretty quickly, and we still don’t even know the full history about Ioryogi and Kobato.