Kobato – Episode 20

It’s Kobato episode 20, and it’s nearing Valentine’s Day, and Kobato wants to throw a party at the nursery. However, in the meantime, she runs into some traveling CLAMP characters.

Kobato decides that the nursery should hold a Valentine’s Day party, though Fujimoto thinks it’s an odd idea, and has to explain the purpose of V-Day to Kobato to explain why he thinks so. Undeterred, Kobato still wants to have one, and says that Tirol will give them the chocolate if Kobato will work for it, and Fujimoto finally relents and agrees to the party.

One night at Tirol, Kobato sees a strange light coming from the alley next to Tirol, and then hears voices. When she checks out who it is, she sees that it’s Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane, and Mokona from Tsubasa (where is Sakura? so I haven’t finished with Tsubasa. so sue me.), except Kurogana has the same voice as Ioryogi. Ioryogi sneaks out to see what’s taking Kobato so long, and then sees “the one from the amusement park” (Mokona Land, from episode 17).

Kobato ends up letting the group sleep in her room overnight, and Fai has the idea of sending Syaoran to help at Tirol with Kobato to help pay her back. While they work, Syaoran explains that he keeps traveling, but they don’t really have a destination. Kobato also says that she has a place she wants to go. Syaoran asks if she wants to meet a person she longs to see, which seems to trigger a vision of Fujimoto playing the piano.

Kobato and Syaoran return home, and Fai gives Kobato money from his and Kurogane’s work that day for payment for helping them. Suddenly, Mokona’s earring lights up, which means that they must travel to the next world already.

The next, day, the kids at the nursery make chocolate from the ingredients from Tirol, and Kobato gives Sayaka the money that Fai gave her. While this is going on,
Rabbit, the messenger from heaven arrives and tells Ioryogi that time is running out for Kobato to fill her bottle.

We get another cameo by another group of CLAMP characters – this time by the group from Tsubasa. I’ve only read Tsubasa through the mid-teen numbered manga, so I’m still not even halfway through, I don’t think, so I’m sure I’m behind on what’s going on in that series (thus my questions about Sakura). At least they didn’t say anything that seemed to spoil it for those of us who aren’t finished with it.

Anyway, perhaps the biggest thing at the end of this episode is that it’s perhaps setting us up for a final arc, as Kobato’s time is almost up, and she still hasn’t filled her bottle. I’m sure that healing Fujimoto and helping the nursery is going to be the key to her doing that, but how she goes about doing that, I’m not sure yet.

I’m also beginning to wonder if there Fujimoto has some connection to where Kobato is from as well, based on Kobato’s vision/memory when she was talking with Syaoran.

Oh yeah, and a new ED in this episode (kind of late for a new one I think, but oh well).