Kobato – Episode 19

It’s Kobato episode 19, and it’s Christmas time, but Fujimoto is in a really bad mood, and Kobato thinks that it’s her fault.

The episode starts off with Fujimoto having a flashback about, presumably about being abandoned, when he was a kid. Meanwhile, he’s still brushing Kobato off, which makes her wonder if Fujimoto is mad at her again. Domoto starts routinely walking Kobato home from work as well. They pass by a stand where Fujimoto is working, but he remains cold to both of them. Kobato tells Domato that he’s been acting different for a while and is worried about him.

The next morning, Chihiro invites Kobato over for a Christmas party if she isn’t busy, and Kobato says that she’ll be happy to come. Fujimoto also leaves, and, yes, once again acts coldly. Kobato remarks to Chihiro that Fujimoto is the only one not cheerful because it’s Christmas and once again wonders if she made him mad. However, Chihiro tells her that that’s not why. It’s because Fujimoto became an orphan on Christmas Eve, so he has bad memories about the season. Afterward, he was taken in by Sayaka’s father.

After the festivities at work, Kobato tries to talk to Fujimoto, but he snaps at her to mind her own business, which just makes Kobato even more depressed. When Domoto comes to pick her up, she explains the situation to him, and tells him that Fujimoto being that way makes her hurt and she can’t stop thinking about him. Domoto then decides what he’s going to give Kobato as a gift…

He goes to Fujimoto’s workplace and tells him to meet Kobato. Fujimoto doesn’t understand what he has to do with Kobato feeling bad until Domoto tells him that she’s feeling bad because of his attitude. Fujimoto decides to go because he doesn’t want Kobato to be left waiting for him, just as he was left waiting when he was abandoned.

Fujimoto rushes to where Domoto told him to meet Kobato, and tells her that nothing is her fault, and tells her not to worry about it. She then reads a note that Domoto left with Fujimoto and figures out that his “gift” was to let her make up with Fujimoto. Meanwhile, Ioryogi, who is visiting Genko, remarks that, no matter what, when Spring comes, he’ll have to say goodbye to Kobato.

Well, that love rivalry didn’t last long, with Domoto figuring out pretty fast that Kobato has feelings for Fujimoto and that he isn’t going to win. Meanwhile, this episode results even more softening up by Fujimoto toward Kobato, though he still isn’t willing to open himself completely to her just yet. At least hopefully he realizes that what he does is affecting Kobato’s feelings, so maybe he’ll be more aware of that from now on.

We also found out what I think most people long suspected – Fujimoto was abandonded when he was little by his parents, and were picked up by Sayaka’s family. This fact just causes Kobato to admire Fujimoto even more since he continues to work hard at everything despite this.

We also hear from Ioryogi at the end of the episode that, no matter what happens, we may have a sad farewell.