Kobato – Episode 18

It’s Kobato episode 18, and the debt collectors start getting more aggressive, and someone professes their feelings to Kobato.

Winter time has arrived, and Ioryogi once again reminds Kobato that she has only one more season before her bottle has to be filled with candies for her wish to come true.

Meanwhile, back at the nursery, one of the debt collector thugs is standing outside the nursery to intimidate the parents bringing their children and to create the impression that the nursery isn’t a safe place for the children to stay. This causes some of the parents to start pulling their children from the nursery which, naturally, makes things even more difficult. Kobato wants to explain the situation to the man out front, but Fujimoto stops her, telling her that you can’t deal with him with words.

Undeterred, Kobato, along with Domoto, go to talk to the man. However, while Kobato is talking to the man, he seems to get a pain and collapses. He rebukes Kobato’s attempt for help, but soon is in too much care to respond. Domoto calls for an ambulance, who takes the man away.

After finding out that the man had appendicitis, and the surgery was OK, Fujimoto tries calling up Okiura, who is as cold blooded as every. He wonders why he even bothered, and realized that maybe Kobato is having an affect on him.

Kobato returns from the hospital, but gets down after Fujimoto brushes her off and Ioryogi tells her that the guy is just going to come back to harass them once he’s better. Domoto tries to assure Kobato and in the process, effectively confesses to her, but his confession just goes over her head. Once he walks Kobato home, he tries again by trying to ask Kobato out on Christmas, but is interrupted by Fujimoto returning home.

RIVAL! I thought Domoto was hanging around an unusual amount of time in this episode, and at the end we see the reason: he has the hots for Kobato. While I’m not sure how much you can truly call him Fujimoto’s “rival” in romance, given that Fujimoto hasn’t really shown any obvious outwards interest in Kobato romantically, there are signs that he cares for her, and even me might realize that Domoto is starting to make a move, which is unnerving him. Yet another development to look forward to resolving. Maybe this will finally force Fujimoto to make a decision about how he really feels.

Otherwise, we’ll have to see whether Kobato helping the man changes his attitude at all, given that they could have easily just let him die outside. Of course, Okiura doesn’t seem to care, though maybe we’re finally seeing how Kobato will finally “get at everybody’s hearts” to solve the problem.