Kobato – Episode 17

It’s Kobato episode 17, and Ioryogi has a rather ill-fated trip out while the nursery’s bazaar is taking place.

Kobato continues to advertise for the nursery’s bazaar, when she runs into Ioryogi, who left to get something for the bazaar in the last episode, with a package in an alley. Ioryogi then tells Kobato what he was up to when he was way: Ioryogi decides to return to Genko’s bakery to show down on some baumkuchen, where business is good.

Anyway, Ioryogi gets him some sweets, and sets out to find something salty to eat with it, but along away gets clobbered by a soccer ball, gets assaulted by crows (while flying on a bed sheet), falls into a pond, gets rained on, puts himself into a dryer thinking it would dry him, and gets lost. He then follows a nice smell into “Mokona Land,” gets crushed by, then thrown in with a box of stuffed animals, gets put into a “hit the target” stand, where he’s so difficult to hit, everyone gets involved in trying to win him, but he finally gets away, only to get clobbered by Kobato.

Kobato then carries Ioryogi home, not expecting much success from her advertising, but sees that it’s been a smashing success (including selling off Ioryogi’s baumkuchen).

I was right in the last episode that it ended up being a two-parter, though this part seemed more like filler than anything else, with no real character development occurring, Kobato not getting any candies, and most of the time being spent on beating up on Ioryogi.

If there was anything that could be called “development,” was Genko and Ioryogi talking about what happened in the past, but I’m not sure what new we really learned about it.