Kobato – Episode 16

It’s Kobato episode 16, and Kobato decides to hold a bazaar to help fund raise for the nursery. However, Kobato’s idea just exposes how complex the nursery’s debt situation is.

On her way from the nursery, Kobato wonders if there is anything she can do for Sayaka to help with the nursery’s finances. Outside her apartment, Kobato runs into Chihiro, Chio, and Chise, where they tell her that they had a bazaar to help fund raise for their school, and this gives Kobato an idea. However, when Kobato goes back to the nursery with the idea, Fujimoto tells her that if the nursery’s problems were that easy to solve, they would have done it a long time ago. This upsets Kobato, but she goes on trying to be cheerful. Nevertheless, Sayaka decides to hold a bazaar anyway.

Finally,it’s the day before the bazaar, and all the kids bring the stuff they want to sell. Kobato stays into the night to help set things up, but when she leaves, the mysterious man from the end of the last episode approaches her, and identifies himself as the man who talked to Kobato on the phone back in episode 6 – the debt collector. He tells Kobato to tell Sayaka what he told Kobato on the phone earlier: he’s not extending the repayment deadline, and if Sayaka misses it, he’ll bulldoze the nursery.

When Kobato returns to the apartment, Fujimoto hears Kobato talking to Ioryogi about the man and demands to know who it was. After Kobato tells him, Fujimoto figures out it’s a man named Okiura, and tells Kobato not to tell Sayaka about him. Kobato still wonders who the guy is, so Ioryogi tells her: Okiura is not only the debt collector, but Sayaka’s husband as well.

Unfortunately, the day of the bazaar comes, and the weather looks very uncertain, and soon it starts to rain. No one comes until Chitose arrives with Chise and Chiho. However, she tells Sayaka that she was afraid it had been canceled because all the signs had been taken down. Fujimoto immediately suspects Okiura. Kobato runs out tell everyone it’s not canceled. Fujimoto initially tries to stop her but relents after she says she wants to because everyone worked so hard.

Soon the rain stops and the sun comes out, and Kobato’s work in telling everyone about it starts to pay off and people start to visit and the bazaar turns into a success.

As expected, we return back to the issue of the nursery’s debt, but with a twist – the debt collector is none other than Sayaka’s estranged husband who, for whatever reason, is trying to prevent Sayaka from paying off the loan, by trying to sabotage their bazaar. Fujimoto obviously has had some past dealings with Okiura, and I have a feeling that he’ll have a not so friendly phone call with him after this as well.

We also see yet another softening of male-tsundre Fujimoto towards Kobato, who tries to keep is tough, uncaring exterior intact, while clearly caring more for the nursery (and other things) than he outwardly shows.

Finally, we didn’t really get a “roundup” at the end of this episode, such as whether they made enough money to pay off the next installment of the loan, or whether Kobato got any candies from the exercise, so I’m wondering if this episode is going to be a sort-of two parter with the next one.