Kobato – Episode 15

It’s Kobato episode 15,

At the nursery, Sayaka collapses as Kobato hands her a bag of origami paper Chitose gave her. Kobato calls for Fujimoto, who tells Sayaka that she should go to the hospital, but she refuses. Kobato then decides to fetch Shuichiro, Kohaku’s boyfriend, since he’s a doctor. Shuichiro diagnoses her as having fatigue, due to lack of sleep.

Meanwhile, the children know that something is wrong with Sayaka, and Fujimoto does his best to try to cheer them up. Meanwhile, Toshihiko is making cranes with the origami paper and tells Kobato that if you can make 1000, you can make someone better. Naturally, Kobato believes him and decides that she’ll help him make crane origami to help make Sayaka better.

The kids end up making 1000 cranes, and go home for the day, while Fujimoto goes to work and comes back to the nursery to take care of Sayaka, telling a reluctant Kobato to go back home so she can get some rest. Meanwhile, Ioryogi starts to wonder whether this experience has cause Kobato’s lost memories to start to return.

Kobato goes home but is still restless, so she goes down to visit Chihiro, but she isn’t there. However, Chiho and Chise are, and after being explained the situation, think it would be a great idea to make Sayaka rice porridge. However, none of them know how to actually make it. Kobato goes to the nursery to make some but…fails miserably, so Fujimoto shows her how to make it.

Kobato starts to cry, worrying that Sayaka may die, but Fujimoto tells her that people don’t die that easily. However, Kobato tells him that some people do die, due to the smallest reasons. The next day, Sayaka is at least well enough to be up. Meanwhile, an unknown man watchers her from afar…

Well, while nothing hugely huge happened in this episode, I think we definitely set things up:

First, we had Sayaka’s illness, which I bet we haven’t seen the last of, and I’m guessing is at least partially caused by the financial trouble at the nursery. Second, we have our first evidence that Kobato’s lost memories may be coming back, both due to Ioryogi’s observations, as well as how she broke down in front of Fujimoto, which was somewhat uncharacteristic of her. Finally, we have this…guy at the end of the episode watching Sayaka. Is it an old boyfriend? The guy loaning her money? Someone else?