Kobato – Episode 14

It’s Kobato episode 14, and the nursery goes to pick a neighbors potatoes, where Kobato and Fujimoto find a kid who is running away from home stealing from the patch.

Kobato is helping pick an old lady’s field of potatoes with the nursery kids when she sees an elementary school boy picking the field on his own, but when Fujimoto approaches him, he takes his bag of potatoes and runs away.

When they get back to the nursery with their bounty, they have some baked potatoes (at this point, which look more like yams than potatoes). Since they have so many, they also decide to take some to their neighbors. While out, Fujimoto spots the kid from the potato field again and chases after him again. Fujimoto catches up with him and dump the contents of his backpack out and finds that the kid is running away from home.

Kobato and Fujimoto talk to the kid, whose name is Keita, and he tells them that he wants to go back to his old home, which they left when his mother got a new job when he was in kindergarten. Unfortunately, all of this is reminding Fujimoto of his own past. Nevertheless, Kobato wants to help the kid find his old house.

Eventually, they find his old house, but it’s rather run down and abandoned. Keita then tells them that he lives at his grandfather’s house right now, because his grandfather is really strict, but Fujimoto just tells him that just because he’s strict doesn’t mean he’s not kind too, and as they’re walking Keita back home, they find his grandfather out looking for him. The next day, Kobato finds a candy from the kid in her jar.

I guess this was another standard episode, though I think this was the first time that Fujimoto was really instrumental in helping Kobato get her candy for her jar.

Also, as Ioryogi noted in the episode, while Fujimoto will sometimes complain about having Kobato go with him on errands, he never actually tells her not to come or to go away, so we may be seeing a softening of Fujimoto in that regard as well.