Kobato – Episode 13

It’s Kobato episode 13, and Kobato finds a nice giant ginkgo tree that the children can play under, only to find out that it’s scheduled to get cut down.

It’s now the fall, which Kobato says makes her feel nostalgic (which Ioryogi finds odd, since Kobato has no memories). However, the changing of the seasons gives Ioryogi cause to remind Kobato exactly what she’s here for: to gather the candies so her wish can come true, though we do see that Kobato has progressed reasonably now, having almost a quarter filled her bottle now.

When Kobato gets to work, she finds two boys fighting over blocks. Finally Fujimoto tells the boys that if they’re just going to abuse the blocks, that they can’t play with them anymore. Out of frustration, Toshihiko says that the blocks are old and dirty and should just be thrown out anyway. However, this remark enrages Fujimoto, and Kobato gets between him and Toshihiko before Fujimoto strikes him.

Later, Sayaka asks Kobato if anything happened with Fujimoto, since he was acting weird when he left for his part time job, so Kobato tells her what happened. Sayaka says it’s neither of their faults, and the children have to play with old toys since they don’t have any money. This gives Kobato the idea of taking the children to a big ginkgo tree she saw ealier, so that they can pick up fallen leaves to make pictures of when they get back.

Suddenly, some city workers come and inform the group that they’re going to cut down the tree because the neighborhood’s residents are tired of cleaning up all it’s leaves (what lazy bastards). The next morning, Kobato gets up really early to try to convince them not to cut down the tree, and finds Kohaku already there. While the pair is there, several people in the neighborhood walk by and make comments to the effect that it’s a shame the tree has to be cut down, but it’s necessary to redevelop the area. Kohaku then walks up to the tree and tries to see what it’s thinking, and finds out the tree isn’t lonely nor unhappy and doesn’t want Kobato to go out of her way to save it.

Kobato and Kohaku then sing to the three, and at the end of the song, the tree ends up falling over on it’s own (but not before Fujimoto, seeing what is happening as he’s riding by on his bike, grabs Kobato out of the way), revealing that the trunk was hollow. Back at her apartment, Kobato sees another candy in her jar and wonders why. Ioryogi figures it was from the ginkgo tree, since plants have souls too, so if they’re healed, it makes sense that she would get one from them too.

At the nursery, the children make pictures with the leaves that they gathered, while Fujimoto carves a new set of blocks out of the branches of the ginkgo tree.

Well, we’ve obviously jumped a little bit into the future, as Kobato has gathered quite a few more candies since the last episode, though she still has a long way to go and she’s already used up half her time.

There were a couple of interesting things that happened in this episode. First, the idea that Kobato can get candies from anything that has a soul, not just humans. While I doubt she’ll suddenly start healing the hearts of bushes and bugs, it at least does open up another possible avenue for getting the candies. However, second, Kobato says, I think on more than one occasion, that fall makes her feel nostalgic, yet, as Ioryogi points out, she doesn’t have any memories so she shouldn’t remember what fall is like. I’m wondering if this is some sort of hint that will be fleshed out later.

I think we’re also seeing Kobato and Fujimoto acting more, I guess naturally, around each other – Kobato realizing that Fujimoto was about to lose it at the start of the episode, and Fujimoto protecting Kobato at the end. I’d say those two are definitely on the road towards some sort of relationship, though I doubt either of them would even dream of such a thing right now.