Josh's Anime Blog Returns (again)

As people might have seen, I went on a rather long hiatus from the blog this time (with a brief come back over Christmas break), which was probably the longest in my blog’s history.  I think I went an entire month without a post (February 2010) for the first time in the blog’s history.

This was mainly caused by getting more interested in a few other things than I was in anime, and thus doing those things went higher on my priority list, and I basically didn’t have time for anime anymore while I was doing those things.  However, I believe I am back on track as far as doing anime things again so, hopefully, I’ll be back for a while.

Over the next 3 to 4 days, I’ll be catching up on my blogging (10 to 11 episodes of Kobato plus an episode of Shana S), so pardon the slew of posts of old episodes during this week.  As far as blogging series in the Spring season – I haven’t decided yet.  On the one hand, I’m afraid of going straight into blogging something right after coming back from such a long hiatus, but on the other hand, if I don’t blog something…I’m not sure what I’ll write about, and thus possibly risk going back into a hiatus again.  I’ll probably make a decision sometime next week after I investigate what series are airing in April.

Also, as you may have seen, I’ve once again updated the design of the site.  I thought I probably should to help launch me out of a hiatus (and, heck, if I have the time/energy to redesign the site and catchup on 12 or so episodes of blogging, hopefully that’s a sign that I am actually back).  This is version 8.0 of the blog (yes, there have been that many) and I hope people like it.


2 thoughts on “Josh's Anime Blog Returns (again)

    • Haha thanks. I’m glad I’m back too. One of the hardest parts about being in a hiatus is getting caught up if one is behind with things. Luckily I got in a good spurt and did it pretty quickly this time.

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