Kobato – Episode 12

It’s Kobato episode 12, and we end up hearing a lot about the world Ioryogi is from and why he is helping Kobato.

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Ioryogi’s old “pal” Ginsei goes to visit Genko to ask what Ioryogi is doing. Genko tells Ginsei that he shouldn’t ask him, and that, even though both he and Ioryogi have been changed into their current forms, they’re still from the spirit world, He then gives some very important information about the world:

There exists four “worlds”: the Heavenly world which has angels (like Kohaku) and is controlled by God, the Underworld, which has demons and is controlled by the Devil, and Human world, of which the humans living in it are the only ones unaware of the other worlds, and the Spirit World, which has spirits such as Genko and Ioryogi, and is controlled by the King of Spirits.

Genko explains that these three other worlds follow a rule of nonaggression against each other. However, Ioryogi tried to start a war against heaven, because there was something there that “he had to have no matter what,” and that’s why he has had his form changed. Ioryogi’s only chance to regain his normal form and to return to the Spirit World is if Kobato gets her wish granted.

After working at the nursery, Ioryogi once again questions Kobato’s work at the nursery, telling her that she’s not spending enough time healing people’s hearts. Suddenly Ginsei shows up and attacks Kobato and takes her jar.

Ginsei, who we learn from Genko was taken in and even named by Ioryogi, questions what Ioryogi is doing, but Ioryogi just says that he has something he needs to do. All this makes Ginsei almost break Kobato’s bottle, but Ioryogi begs him not to. This shocks Ginsei, as Ioryogi’s “old self” would never have dome something like that, and he just sighs and leaves the bottle, telling Ioryogi to hurry up and do what he needs to do.

Kobato tries to find Ioryogi while Ioryogi tries to return the bottom to Kobato but ends up having to suddenly play as a stuffed animal because he sees Fujimoto approaching. Fujimoto then sees Kobato looking for Ioryogi and returns him to Kobato.

This was an episode I was looking forward to: the start of finding out who Ioryogi is and where he comes from. This episode gives us the base information about the world: namely, there are four worlds, Ioryogi is from the Spirit World, and he violated the nonaggression rule between worlds by going to war with Heaven to get something.

What we don’t know still is what he wanted to get from heaven, what he still wants to accomplish now, nor do we still have any idea of what Kobato’s wish is, and why Kobato getting her wish is Ioryogi’s only chance of getting his true form back.

Meanwhile, Ioryogi and Ginsei’s relationship has come more into focus, as it seems like Ioryogi has basically become the old crafty master who has become mellow and weak in the eyes of his old follower, Ginsei. Ginsei’s anger with Ioryogi seems to stem from the fact that Ioryogi isn’t just acting out of impulse like the “good ole days” and is letting himself get tied down by Kobato.

Back in the human world, I’m wondering how long it will be until Fujimoto “discovers” Ioryogi. I guess he became curious about him in this episode since Kobato always keeps him around, and indeed he asked her why she kept him at the end of the episode. But Fujimoto gave Ioryogi a couple of Toya-like stares in this episode, like he suspects something is still odd with him.


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