Kobato – Episode 11

It’s Kobato episode 11, and Kobato decides that she’s going to find a part time job to help out the nursery.

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While leaving the nursery, Kobato sees a brochure for part time jobs and decides that she’s going to get one. After asking Chitose for some advice, Kobato lands at Tirol, where Kobato once again meets Ueda, as well as his helper Yumi (from Chobits as well). Kobato ends up having a rough first day, but she gets through it.

After work, Yumi notices that Ueda seems tired, and Kobato notices that Yumi seems worried on the way back home, and remarks that she wishes she could help out Ueda more. The next day, Yumi notices that Ueda sighs after looking at her, and fears that perhaps his worries deal with her. Kobato decides to ask Ueda what’s wrong, and he ends up telling Kobato that it’s nothing that Yumi needs to worry about, which just makes Yumi more concerned. Sayaka then enters the store to buy something for Chitose, and Yumi remarks that she remembers Sayaka from when she bought a cake for her husband, but Sayaka seems to be saddened by the remark.

Kobato asks Ioryogi about it later, and he suggests that perhaps Sayaka and her husband are separated, and also tells Kobato that this might not be something she can just go and ask Sayaka about, either. Kobato ponders whether Ueda is having a similar problem, and so she decides to conduct a “secret” investigation. However, as to be expected, Kobato gets off to a rough start in her detective role, and Ioryogi decides to take matters in his own hands. Ioryogi visits Genko once again, but this time Genko refuses Ioryogi’s request as ridiculous.

That evening, Kobato ends up roping in Yumi, and they both trail Ueda to a restaurant, where they see him sitting with a woman. However, Kobato and Yumi end up being so loud outside that Ueda notices them. Yumi runs away, and Kobato chases after her (and Ueda chases them both), until finally Kobato trips and falls.

Ueda finally tells them that he was interviewing a new full time employee for the store. He explains that while Kobato can help on the weekend, he’s never been able to give Yumi any time off, and he was worried that he was working her too hard. However, Yumi says that she likes working with him at Tirol. In the end, Kobato finds one more candy in her jar.

I guess as expected, Kobato starts trying to help out the nursery even more, and I guess she found about as good of a part time job as one could expect for her, and she still found a way to collect more candies in her jar.

I also noticed that Kobato has started suspecting Ioryogi of…something, given that he’s come back with sweets from an unknown place twice now, though Ioryogi was able to keep Kobato from digging too deeply in this episode, though I have a feeling that will eventually change. Speaking of this, we still don’t know where any of these people are from, or why Kobato is collecting the candies, or why Ioryogi was transformed into a stuffed animal, etc.

It’s still kind of odd seeing characters in a same-but-different universe (unlike Tsubasa where characters were basically in completely different situations from their native CLAMP works). If I took this episode alone, I’d say that this was pre-Chobits, but we’ve already seen enough to know that this isn’t the same universe as the “normal” Chobits/Angelic Layer universe, so who knows when they are, or even who is there.


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