Kobato – Episode 10

It’s Kobato episode 10, and Kobato decides to help air out the futons at the nursery, since it’s such a nice day, and ends up learning about Fujimoto’s past from Sayaka.

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Kobato is spending her Sunday morning singing and cleaning her room, but Fujimoto tells her that she’s being too loud, before leaving. Kobato decides to air out the futons at the nursery as well, but Ioryogi suggests that her time might be better spent healing people’s hearts to get candies. However, Kobato decides that she wants to help out the nursery as long as she can.

At the nursery, Kobato finds Sayaka there, and they air out the futons together. Sayaka asks how life at Kobato’s apartment is, and Kobato says she likes Chitose, Chise, and Chiho. When Sayaka asks about Fujimoto, Kobato says that he sometimes picks on her. Sayaka, however, tells Kobato that despite his appearance, he’s a nice person and has been since he was little, and then offers to show Kobato pictures of Fujimoto when he was small. Sayaka explains that Fujimoto was orphaned as a child, and was taken in my Sayaka’s father, who ran the nursery at the time.

Fujimoto was very unsociable as a child, not wanting to talk to anyone, even Sayaka or the other children in the nursery. Then one day a pair of high schoolers accidentally kicked a soccer ball into the nursery, and ended up crushing some sunflowers while climbing over a fence to retrieve it. Watching Sayaka be courageous in confronting the boys inspires Fujimoto to try to play the organ like he’s been secretly interested in for a while, which was the start of his opening up.

Sayaka then tells Kobato that Fujimoto is working so many part time jobs so that he can help pay off even a little bit of the nursery’s debt, but Sayaka remarks that she’s afraid that he’s working himself too hard.

On her way back home, Kobato walks by Kohaku’s house, who offers Ioryogi some beer she got from Fujimoto (whose job it was to hand out free beer samples, along with Misaki and Tomoyo from Angelic Layer), which Ioryogi gladly accepts since he has been sitting in the hot sun all day. Then Kohaku and Kobato talks about how it’s good to help out people you care about, which makes Kobato all that more determined to help out the nursery.

This was a pretty good episode, and finally we got some confirmation about Fujimoto’s past that had been hinted at in the past, namely that he was an orphan. We get to see that, despite how anti-social he is now, Fujimoto is a lot more open than he was when he arrived at the nursery after Sayaka’s mother brought him in, and of course it seems like Kobato is helping open him up a bit more.

Kobato also seems as determined as ever to help the nursery as well; though I’m not sure how successful she would be at trying part time jobs like Fujimoto does, considering her ditzyness. I have a feeling that in the end, she’s going to end up saving the nursery in her own way (and earning a lot of the candies in the process).

We also had our first CLAMP crossover sighting in a while in this episode, when we saw Misaki and Tomoyo from Angelic Layer show up at Fujimoto’s part time job. Though, Misaki, for better or for worse, didn’t have quite as high, squeaky voice in this episode as she had in Angelic Layer.

I also seem to be having a problem of accidentally clicking the wrong thing and taking nearly-duplicate screenshots with my laptop.  I’ve noticed in a couple of there reviews where that’s happened.  Oh well I guess at this point…