Kobato – Episode 09

It’s Kobato episode 9, and Kobato finds two school girls whose friendship appears to be becoming strained.

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Kobato is washing Ioryogi when she sees a flyer for a summer festival in her mailbox. Kobato grabs it, but it blows away. A girl, Natsuki, ends up catching it and gives it back to Kobato (along with a handkerchief to dry her hands off). Soon another girl, Yukino, from the same school comes by (and falls down since she was texting and running), and the first girl, Nat, just gives her a terse comment and runs off.

Later that day, Fujimoto tells Kobato that the girls go to Seinan Girls’ Academy, a large all girls school that Sayaka and Chitose both attended. Kobato decides to go visit Seinan Academy to go find Nat, and eventually finds her classroom just as she’s receiving an award and finds that her full name is Natsuki Mizuhashi. However, as class lets out, a teacher pulls Kobato aside before she can get to Natsuki, and Ioryogi tells Kobato to run for it. Kobato hides in some bushes, but Yukino ends up finding her while shooting some pictures out a window. Yukino leads Kobato to Natsuki, where Kobato returns her handkerchief. However, the relationship between Yukino and Natsuki still appears to be strained.

Later, Natsuki treats Kobato to a drink back at her house. There, Kobato sees an old picture of Yukino and Natsuki when they were younger. Natsuki then tells Kobato that they used to be close, but Yukino seems to be avoiding her now, and now that Yukino hangs out with the photography club, they’ve hung out even less. Kobato decides that she wants to help Natsuki, and figures that the place to start is to visit Yukino. Yukino tells Kobato how they got matching cell phone and each bought each other a charm for their phone – with Natsuki getting Yukino a watermelon charm. However, Yukino no longer has that charm on her phone. But Yukino also says that she wants to stay friends with Natsuki.

The next day, Kobato decides to go to the camera sale that Yukino was going to, and Natsuki ends up going to it as well. Natsuki runs into Yukino and her photography club friends and ends up going off on them, and especially Yukino. Yukino runs off and Kobato, who had just arrived on the scene, chases after her, but Yukino ends up wanting to be alone. Meanwhile, Natsuki is regretting what she said to Yukino, but Natsuki soon realizes that her cell charm is missing and rushes out to search the trash for it, when Kobato arrives and helps her find it.

Afterward, Kobato says she thinks that Natsuki might have been afraid of Yukino because of how hard working and driven she is. Natsuki basically agrees, saying that she started focusing on her studies and other things to keep up, and that that’s probably when they started drifting apart. Natsuki then goes and apologizes to Yukino and all becomes well, and Kobato gets two more candies in her jar.

I guess this was a pretty good episode, I guess. I mean, it was a good episode, but something about it seemed to be a bit dull, I thought. I don’t know if it was just the problem she had to solve was kind of ordinary or what. I guess it’s just the “best friends misunderstanding and drifting apart” seems to be such an old and common plot line, and there wasn’t necessarily anything in this episode that made it particularly memorable. At least Kobato got two more candies out of it.

In any case, the way this series is going, I won’t be surprised if we end up seeing Natsuki and maybe even Yukino later in the series, especially since they go to the same school that Sayaka and Chitose went to as well.