Kobato – Episode 08

It’s Kobato episode 8, and Kobato finds an abandoned kitten and wants to find a new home for it, but she finds that that’s easier said than done.

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Kobato sees a cat left out for someone to take and, feeling sorry for the cat, she decides to bring it home. Fujimoto passes her at the apartment, and tells Kobato that if she doesn’t have the resolve to see something through to the end, then she shouldn’t get involved to start with. Kobato soon discovers what he means when the cat gets hungry, and she rushes down to Chitose’s room, where Chiho and Chise are studying, and they give it some milk. But Chiho and Chise also tell Kobato that having pets in the apartment is prohibited.

Kobato thinks of asking Sayaka the next day at the nursery. Unfortunately, one of the kids at the nursery is allergic to cats, so keeping the cat at the nursery is out of the question. Fujimoto also goes off on Kobato, telling her that her thoughtlessness just causes trouble for others. As a result, Kobato goes off to think by herself, but Sayaka eventually finds her. She tells her that Fujimoto didn’t really mean any harm, and might have been projecting himself on the kitten, though Sayaka quickly realizes that she might have said too much.

Kobato, Chiho, and Chise try to find an owner for the kitty, but without luck. At the end of the day, they return back to the apartment, where Kobato finds the old lady from the first episode leaving. Kobato asks her what she was doing there, and the old lady says that she had heard that someone was trying to find a home for a kitten and she was wondering if she could take it home, since she only has one grandchild and thought a kitten would be nice to have as a companion. Kobato asks if the baby will be OK, and the woman said that the pizza delivery boy who told her about the kitten asked the same thing, but the woman says that it’ll be OK (and Kobato realizes that Fujimoto was out trying to help as well).

Back in her room, Kobato sees the dish they fed the kitty with and goes to return it to Chiho and Chise, but Chitose tells her that they’re on the roof. On the roof, Kobato tells them about how she sang for the old lady’s grandchild to help it go to sleep, so they ask her to sing for them. Kobato does, but when Fujimoto returns home, he recognizes the song Kobato is singing. Later, Kobato knocks on his door to think him for finding a home for the kitten.

The next day, Kobato finds not one, but two new candies in her jar, and wonders why. Ioryogi explains that her telling the story about singing for the old woman’s grandbaby helped put Chiho and Chise’s minds to rest when they worried about the kitten.

This episode was great if you’re a Chiho and Chise fan, since we get to see a lot of them, as well as more Chitose and the return of the old woman from the first episode. This suggests that past actions by Kobato might start building up in this series towards later and perhaps bigger actions later. That’s something I’ve always rather liked about CLAMP series – the tendency to have actions and events build up over time so that everything is in some way interconnected.

We also see for the first time in this episode that Kobato can get more than one candy from the same action – in this case, singing to Chiho and Chise. That might provide some hope for Kobato to fill up her jar, though she still needs a lot of candy, and I’m not sure what she could do to heal so many hearts that fast, even if she can do several at a time. The only question now is whether healing a single person can yield her more than one candy or not.

This episode also continued to soften Fujimoto’s facade, even if he’s still outwardly harsh to Kobato.