Kobato – Episode 07

It’s Kobato episode 7, and Fujimoto forgets a college report at the nursery, so Kobato tries to search the college campus to return it to him.

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Fujimoto is repairing broken chairs at the nursery, and Kobato wants to help him, which she doesn’t do a very good job at. However, Kobato wants to help out Fujimoto for another reason too: she wants to ask him why he didn’t want her to tell Sayaka about the telephone call from the last episode. Fujimoto just gets angry and says that telling Sayaka would just make things difficult for her. However, she also ends up getting in his way painting the chairs, so he banishes her.

Later, Kobato decides to apologize, but Fujimoto isn’t there anymore, but she does find a report of his, which Sayaka tells Kobato she should return to him. However, when Kobato finally arrives at Fujimoto’s college, she’s overwhelmed by the size of it and can’t find him. She finally sees him through a window and rushes to get to him, but runs into someone else, Takashi Domoto. Takashi offers to help Kobato find Fujimoto again.

Back at the nursery, the children are getting restless without either Fujimoto or Kobato there, but Sayaka is saved when Chitose comes by with Chiho and Chise. Chitose also offers to help Sayaka find a better loan for the nursery, since she would be sad if it closed. Meanwhile, back at college, Takashi and Kobato continue to look around, and it becomes more apparent that Takashi is a student that other students look to for support.

Unfortunately, Takashi tried to give Fujimoto some advice, which made him angry since Fujimoto likes doing things on his own. However, when Kobato tells Takashi how amazing he thinks he is Takashi doesn’t seem too happy about it. Kobato finally finds Fujimoto, but she sees him telling a pair of girls in a rather nasty way, so Kobato yells at him for being mean, gives Fujimoto his report and storms away. Takashi finds Kobato sitting outside, and tells her that he’s jealous of her, because he’s known Fujimoto for much longer, and he still can’t talk to him like Kobato just did.

Kobato reiterates how she still thinks Takashi is amazing for being so nice, but Takashi just says that he’s not really that nice, he just can’t say no to people, and that he’s jealous of Fujimoto since he’s strong enough to not care what people think of him. However, Kobato disagrees, saying that being hated makes one lonely and sad, and that helping other people makes them happy, and Kobato tells Takashi that isn’t nothing bad to want to help people and that he’s a good person. Back at the apartment, Kobato finds another piece of candy in her jar for acknowledging Takashi’s kindness.

The next day at the nursery, Fujimoto awkwardly thanks Kobato for returning his report. Meanwhile, the children tell Kobato that Fujimoto is being nice now and helping them out, unlike before.

Another pretty easy piece of candy for Kobato this time, though we’re through 7 episodes and she only has 4 pieces, so obviously she’s going to have to pick up the pace eventually.

Meanwhile, we see Fujimoto’s college for the first time, which just makes one wonder: when does he have time to do anything considering he’s working at least 3 jobs and going to college at the same time, though his response to Sayaka when she asks him how college is going suggests that college may not be going so well for Fujimoto.

We also see more evidence that Kobato may very well be the person who can heal Fujimoto, and she’s able to talk to him like no one else can, and then at the end of the episode, he actually responds to what she had to say, meaning that, even though he wants to do everything by himself, he is willing to listen to advice, at least from Kobato, even if he doesn’t like it.