Kobato – Episode 04

It’s Kobato episode 4, and Kobato tries to set up a date with a girl she meets in an attempt to gather more of her candied broken hearts.

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Kobato is happy that she’s collected a couple of candies for her bottle. However Ioryogi sees a problem: at the rate Kobato is going, it’s going to take forever for her to collect enough to actually fill her bottle.

In any case, Kobato decides to go take a walk since she’s up early, and she runs into Kohaku, who is shedding a couple tears. Kobato asks her why she’s crying, but Kohaku says she doesn’t really know, but remarks it’s because the the pretty green leaves of the trees. The two then introduce each other, and Ioryogi recognizes her as “Kohaku from heaven” and Kohaku remembers Ioryogi and “that Iorogi.”

Kobato then goes on a mission to try to figure out why Kohaku was crying, but can’t figure it out, and ends up following Kohaku to her house when she sees her walking with a man. Kobato hangs out until the man leaves, and then asks Kohaku again, so Hohaku says that whenever she sees something pretty, she wishes the man, Shuichiro, was there, so he could see it too, and starts to cry. Ioryogi remarks that it’s obvious they’re in love, so Kobato asks her if anything else is the problem, so Kohaku says that they’ve never been on a proper date to the amusement park.

Kobato decides to set up a date at the amusement park, but finds that the tickets cost money, and her one attempt to win tickets fails. While she’s walking around trying to figure out what to do next, Fujimoto crashes into her while delivering papers on his bike, and he just so happens to have a pair of tickets, which he reluctantly gives to Kobato after she agrees to help him deliver papers.

Kobato brings the tickets to Kohaku, but she says she has to refuse, since Shuichiro is so busy and she shouldn’t be so selfish. However, Kobato asks why it’s selfish to want to be with the person you love. Shuichiro over hears this and asks for the tickets. The next day, while Kobato is trying to spy on the date, Ioryogi spots Rabbit, a messenger from heaven, who tells him that Kobato only has 1 year to fill her bottle. Unfortunately, her actions with Kohaku didn’t add any candies to her bottle since she was already happy.

I had already wondered how long it would take Kobato to fill her bottle, given that each sealed heart is only represented by a small candy, but now the Rabbit messenger thing ups the ante by saying she only has a year to fill the bottle. This comes back to the question: is it possible that healing excessively broken hearts may field larger (or multiple) candies? If not, then Koboato is facing quite the uphill battle.

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to two characters from “heaven,” Kohaku and the Rabbit. Obviously Ioryogi appears to be from heaven as well, though I’m not completely sure about Kobato, since she doesn’t seem familiar with what Ioryogi is talking about. I’m sure we’ll expand on all that eventually as well.

And I guess this episode answered the question of helping out a heart that might be in pain does not necessarily equal healing a broken heart, as Kohaku, while obviously pained by missing Shuichiro, was still happy.


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