Kimi ni Todoke – Episode 3

Sawako gets to know her classmates more and even helps tutor them.  But the realization that there might be competition for Kazehaya’s affection is starting to become clear.

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Episode Summary:

Sawako’s time at school is getting easier and easier it seems.  She gets greeted by her surrounding classmates, and even carries on conversations with them.  During one such conversation Sawako learns about how popular Kazehaya is with the girls and how in middle school there were so many girls vying for his attention that they decided to call him “Everybody’s Kazehaya.”  This just makes her vow to try harder.

A new homeroom teacher shows up, the baseball coach, and promptly tries to dispell any rumors by staring at Sawako for 10 seconds.  He then asks for roll call volunteers and Sawako once again accepts the job to try and save the class from trouble.  As before, Kazehaya also accepts, but this time other classmates respond as well which surprises Sawako.   After school, as Sawako starts the roll call book, Kazehaya shows up to help but only gets one name written down before he has to go to the teacher’s room.  After that, other classmates of Sawako’s appear in the doorway and actually want to talk to her and a nice conversation ensues.

The next day during class Kazehaya passes her a note asking to meet him and the puppy they found after school, which she gladly accepts.  On her way to drop off some papers later in the day, Sawako starts zoning out thinking about her future encounter and winds up dropping all the papers.  A girl, whom Sawako says looks like a French doll, helps her pick them up.

At the riverbank she meets Kazehaya and Maru-chan (the puppy) and they chat about studying.  Sawako confesses that she learns best by dreaming about how she would explain it to someone else.  The next day, Kazehaya does just that by asking Sawako to help him with homework.  The other sudents in the class catch on and realize that Sawako is a great teacher and she winds up helping everyone.  When they all finish, Sawako was so happy that she could help that she lets out a big smile, much to the surprise of the rest of the class.  Later, Kazehaya tells Sawako that he is selfish and wanted to keep that smile all to himself (awww…).

Finally, as Yona and Yoshida are leaving they hear girls talking about rumors about themselves.  Annoyed, they approach them to find out who spread the rumors, for which they answer “Sadako”.


So it looks as though they are going to start the fracas next episode.  This episode calmly and slowly built on the progress that Sawako made in the previous episode.  Everything is still butterflies and rainbows so far, except for the last minute of the show.  It was good to see that people are starting to come around and treat Sawako like any other person.  Her interactions with peers is getting better and better, even to the point where people came to her to talk, instead of her just being there at the time.  Of course Sawako gives all the credit to Kazehaya for his actions putting her into those situations, which to a point is correct.  But Sawako is the one that is trying hard to win their favor as well.

The tutor aspect was a nice touch to bring everyone in together around Sawako.  Obviously, the crap is gonna hit the fan next week, and will most likely be the French Doll girl.  No one should really expect Sawako to be making rumors about people, and French Doll is the only real character that has been shown a few times.  Methinks she had something to do with it.  Aside from that, this was a nice soothing episode.  The art is still great (although the distorted chibi Sawako faces are getting annoying), but all in all not much to complain about.


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