Kobato – Episode 03

It’s Kobato episode 3, and Kobato get an apartment, several umbrellas, and another piece of candy.

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Sayaka sees Kobato out in the rain in the park, and takes Kobato to an apartment that she’s set up Kobato to live, where Kobato also meets the apartment manager, Chitose Mihara. However, Kobato almost forgets to go to the nursery, and on the way runs into a seemingly cheerful girl.

At the nursery, Fujimoto asks Sayaka why she had to go so far as to get an apartment for Kobato, and asks her how many times she plans on “getting hurt like that.” also warning her that they have to be on guard about anyone.

The next day, Kobato doesn’t have to work at the nursery, so she decides to try to go out. However, it starts to rain, and the manager at the bakery Tirol gives her an umbrella to borrow. Kobato then goes to Piffle Princess to see if she can have any luck there (she doesn’t), where she finds Tirol’s umbrella is gone. However, she also runs into the girl from the day before, whom we learn is named Mutsumi Tadokoro, outside, who gives Kobato her umbrella. A boy then passes by playfully teasing Mutusmi, and Mutsumi chases after him.

The next day, Kobato returns Mutsumi’s umbrella to her at her school (which the got the location of from Tirol’s manager). However, it starts raining again whens he has to go home from the nursery, so Fujimoto lets Kobato borrow his. On the way home, Kobato finds Tirol’s umbrella at Piffle Princess once again, where she also sees Mutsumi once again. However, the they see the boy who teased her earlier walking down the street with another girl, causing Mutsumi to run away.

That evening, Kobato is distraught over Mutsumi’s behavior, when Chitose’s two daughters, Chiyo and Chise swing by with a futon for Kobato. The next day, Kobato sees the boy who had been teasing Mutsumi and tells him that he should “share an umbrella” with her. Mutsumi happens to be walking by at the time and asks what’s going on, where Kobato remarks that Mutsumi seemed sad when she saw the boy walking with another girl.

Kobato finally coaxes the two under an umbrella, where the boy tells Mutusmi that he was only walking with the other girl because she forgot her umbrella. That evening, Kobato finds another piece of “candy” in her bottle. Meanwhile, she passes another woman, named Kohaku, on the other side of a canal, who feels a strange atmosphere when Kobato passes by.

First, let’s get the obvious cross-over stuff out of the way. We had three cross-over characters that I saw in this episode, all from Chobits: the apartment manager Chitose, and her daughters Chiyo and Chise, who may or may not be persocoms.

However, this looks like a similar, yet different universe from that in Chobits and related stories, unless this is supposed to take place after Chobits, and Chitose has changed her family name back to Mihara and make two new persocoms that look just like Chii. However, I’m inclined to think this is a similar, but different universe. In any case, it’s nice to see some familiar characters again. It makes me wonder who else we might see next.

Next, Kobato gets her next piece of candy, this one relatively easy, I suppose, since it just meant she had to set Mutsumi up with her crush and that’s it. That means that she gets rewarded, even if the heart that needs healing isn’t in some huge crisis. I’m sure seeing your crush with a member of the opposite sex like that is tough for a middle/high schooler, but it doesn’t seem anything earth shattering. At least it’s helping Kobato get used to things, anyway. I’m sure there will be harder tests to come.

I at least hope we get to see Mutsumi again. She seemed like a pretty cool character.

Finally, we have the woman, Kohaku, at the end, who seems to have some awareness of Kobato or the universe she came from, since she had some sort of feeling when Kobato walked by her. However, it’s obviously way to early to even guess as to what that connection might be.


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  1. Actually…. make that 5 crossover characters. Kohaku and the man she was walking with are from an old CLAMP manga called Wish.

    • Ah, Wish. Haven’t read that one. I had heard something about Wish being mixed in with this, but since I’m unfamiliar with it, I’m not really sure what parts are from it and what parts are from Kobato.

    • Heh, I never did say that did I? I did at a couple points when I wrote it up, but I must have edited it out and never put it back in lol

  2. wait I thought there was another crossover from Chobits. That Bakery Guy. He was in Chobits too. He was the one that married the persocom. Unless I’m just going crazy…

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