First Impressions: Natsu no Arashi 2

top_03I really enjoyed the first season of Natsu no Arashi. I liked the silly humor, the interesting characters, and even the drama that they mixed in at the perfect times.  Naturally I wanted to see more in a second season.  So far, the first two episodes have been high on the hi-jinks and fan service, but that’s all right with me.  I still find it amusing as they reintroduce the characters, and I expect (hope) that they’ll start with some more plot progression with episode three.

The character designs aren’t my favorite, but I can overlook that because the characters are so much fun.  I wonder if the situation with Jun will be resolved early this season, or if it’s going to be the main focus of the season instead.  Either way, I’m going to continue to watch this every week. Peace!