First Impressions: Sasameki Koto

230px-Sasameki_Koto_vol01If you like yuri romance series, then this is the show for you.  I have mixed feelings about this series so far.  The first episode was really good (although maybe a little TOO melodramatic), and the second season kinda went the way of the trap.  However, I still like the subtle way that they handle the feelings in this show, the sideways glances, etc.  The art is good, but not spectacular, and the story seems decent so far.  It’s a very similar setup to Aoi Hana where one friend likes the other but can’t say it.  The colors are more vibrant than Aoi Hana, though, and to me the characters seem more likable.

I liked the fact that the boy who likes Sumika has already told her, knows that she actually likes Ushio, and everything is out in the open.  That alone puts it above other series where everything is left up to misunderstandings and misconceptions. Nothing drives me more crazy than a series where you spend 13 episodes before someone confesses, or doesn’t due to some lame circumstance.  Hopefully this series avoids that as it appears to be.  I’m out!