First Impressions: Letter Bee (Tegami Bachi)

Letter BeeJosh – Letter Bee was one of the series pretty high on my expectations list, and after two episodes, it has the potential to be pretty good, though since we suddenly got a a “5 years later” jump at the end of the second episode, it’s hard to say where this series is going to go from here.  All we know is that there are Letter Bees, they carry letters, Lag wants to be one, and his mother was taken to the capital city.  Beyond that, it’s pretty wide open I think.

The first couple of episodes were rather corny with sobbing and all that all over the place, but it wasn’t necessarily anything bad yet.  I’m still hopeful that this series will end up being something worth watching.

Oh yeah, one final sort-of annoying note.  Crunchyroll says this series is 13 episodes long, but it’s actually about an 11 episode series pretending to be 13 episodes long, since episodes are only about 20 minutes long instead of the usual 23 to 24 minutes long.

Polaryzed – Contrary to Josh, this show was actually on my pass list initially (I’m not a big fantasy fan).  I only watched the first 2 episodes since I read other blogs praising it.  So far I kind of regret it.  Personally I found the plot to be fairly generic, and the acting somewhat corny and forced.  Lag annoyed the crap out of me, to be honest.  I’ll probably watch a couple more episodes now that Lag is older to see where the plot goes.  If things don’t get better, then I’m dropping this.