Kobato – Episode 02

It’s Kobato episode 2, and now that Kobato has her bottle, she has to figure out how to go about filling it.

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Now that Kobato has her bottle, it’s time to start filling it up by healing people’s broken hearts. However, Kobato has no clue where to start, and ends up doing things like asking people if she can heal their hearts, and taking a whole box of tissues from a guy handing them out and trying to hand them out herself.

She soon runs into Fujimoto again, however, but he just blows her off. Kobato tries following him but loses track of him when she is assailed by a sheet that was drying outside but got blown away by the wind. She’s rescued by Sayaka, who works at the nursery. Kobato suddenly gets the hope that she can help Sayaka out, and Kobato is put in charge of looking over some kids.

The kids seem to think that her name is funny, which soon leads to them asking her what her father’s name was, but she doesn’t remember. One of the boys asks her if she doesn’t have a father, and Kobato finds that the easiest answer is to just say no, but this seems to shake up one of the boys. Kobato also soon finds out that, of all people, Fujimoto also works at the nursury, but he just tells Kobato that she’s useless there. However, Sayaka thanks Kobato for helping take care of the kids and ends up saying that she can come back, despite Fujimoto trying to dissuade her.

Outside the nursery, Ioryogi, whom Kobato had left behind in the city at some point, finally catches up and is, not surprisingly, irate that Kobato left him behind. Kobato also sees that there still isn’t anything in her bottle, and she starts to wonder if all she’s doing is annoying everyone. On the way back to the park Kobato tells Ioryogi that Fujimoto seemed so scarred, but it didn’t seem like he wanted anyone to heal him either, so Ioryogi tells her that it’s up to her whether she wants to try or not.

Once they get to the park, Kobato sees the boy from the nursery, Toshihiko, alone on the swings. He tells Kobato that he has to stay there until his mother comes back, since she’s at work. However, he’s surprised when Kobato remarks how amazing his mother must be, working so hard for him, since he’s used to everyone saying bad things about his mother for working late, and ends up hugging Kobato crying since he’s so happy that someone thinks highly of his mother. Later that night, Kobato finds a small candy looking thing in her bottle…

I guess this was a pretty natural 2nd episode. Now that Kobato has her bottle, she has to figure out how to try to “heal people’s hearts,” which isn’t necessarily the most straight forward thing to do. However, her naivety and resulting kindness perhaps ends up being her biggest asset, as this allows her to get the first “candy” piece into her bottle, helping out Toshihiko.

However that “candy” was pretty small and it seems like it’s going to take quite a while for Kobato to fill her bottle. I wonder if the size of the broken heart she heals makes the “candy” pieces bigger or smaller or not.

Clearly this story is also driving towards Kobato and Fujimoto getting closer, with Kobato eventually healing him in whatever way he needs to be healed. However, it’s clear that Kobato still has a long way to go as Fujimoto still doesn’t trust Kobato and doesn’t want anything to do with her. However, now that they’re working in the same place, that sets up the opportunity for them to get to know each other.

I also wonder if Kobato living in the park will become an issue later, one way or the other. Either Fujimoto and/or someone else will wonder where she lives, and she won’t be able to tell them, or she’ll get in trouble for sleeping in the park all the time. It’s not like Kobato has any money to live anywhere on her own or anything either. (speaking of which, where does she get food to eat? I suppose she’ll get some by virtue of working at the nursery…)

In the end, I think while Kobato still has a rather large deficiency in common sense, she went a long way in understanding how the world works. And given the nature of her task, I think she’ll very soon find out that not everything is sunny and roses.


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